Pete Carroll gets top hat, cane and monocle in great GIF

Take a look at this GIF and tell me you’re not dying. I went to UCLA during the dark years when Cheaty took over USC and hate the guy’s guts, but even I have to laugh at that.

This dude on Twitter summed it up the best:

That’s exactly who Pete Carroll is. A smug a-hole of a coach. And he’s damn good.

Here’s the original smug Carroll GIF:

And here’s Carroll looking like Scrooge McDuck:

Pete Carroll cane monocle

God I love it. I just can’t decide if I like it more than this phenomenal Andy Reid GIF?

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  • Michael Whaley

    Ha….Nice article, keep hating! It hides your ignorance well!

  • K VC

    Wow you spend time and energy on your hate. Pete never cheated, and you obviously do not understand the dynamics of coaching. And you would hate anyone’s success since you have no success in your own life. Hate sees smug, Love sees confidence. By the way, he is already a college champion, now get use to him being a NFL champion. I wish you nothing short but true happiness and love instead of your hatred.

  • RealityCheck131

    He’s a douchebag, always has been. His choke sign to Dan Marino before the Clock Play. His smug a-hole reign at USC. His deserting USC when he knew sanctions were coming. Success obviously isn’t limited to the nice guys of the world. You can call it hating, but it’s based on the guy’s words and actions. Nothing ignorant about it.

  • Michael Whaley

    Thanks for sharing your opinion,,, it defines ignorance well.

  • RealityCheck131

    Thanks for your three commas. They speak for themselves.

  • Michael Whaley

    Three moths later… really? i hope you can one day get over my three commas!