Money’s Not a Thing for Sean Payton

If you’re a Saints fan at least you can be happy that you have one side of the ball taken care of. Problem is, that side of the ball’s been fine since Drew Brees came to town; it’s the defense that stinks. The Saints fired their defensive coordinator after the season and wound up in a bidding war to try and convince Gregg Williams to join their staff. Things got pretty interesting according to Jay Glazer:

FOX Sports has learned that Saints head coach Sean Payton wanted Williams so much that he is actually giving up $250,000 of his own salary and shifting it to Williams’ first year of his deal in order to sweeten the pot. Not sure I’ve ever heard of a head coach going that far to get his guy.

I love seeing guys put their money where their mouth is when it comes to winning and this is a prime example. Payton was extended by the franchise recently so he’s pretty secure financially, and he’ll have even more power if New Orleans makes a strong run. And in that tough division, they had to do something to step up. Now they just need to lockup speed racer at linebacker to start the rebirth.

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  • Gene

    Wow. I am impressed with Sean Payton and I hope it works out for him. He indeed put his money where his mouth is and showed how dedicated to winning he is.

    The question is, why didn’t he care this much about the defense until now? He spent the last two years being the “Bob Toledo” of NFL head coaches.

  • Amanda

    I have always held Coach Payton in the highest regard and have always said that he is a class act, a man of men and with a Grand Heart. This however places Coach Payton in a league above and beyond many coaches! Coach Payton is an inspiration and a blessing to all those around him. Thank you Coach Payton you are a Blessing to ALL of US WHO LOVE NEW ORLEANS!