Super Bowl Banner in Indy Features Eli Manning and…Jerod Mayo? (Picture)

Over the next two weeks, it is the responsibility of the city of Indianapolis to host arguably the most important sporting event of the calendar year.  Over 2 billion people will tune in to watch the Patriots and Giants do battle on Feb. 5 in the Super Bowl.  Until then, banners and billboards like the one you see above will be popping up all over the city.  But it seems like something is missing from this one.  Oh yeah, where’s Tom Brady?

Until the people of Indianapolis are told otherwise, Indy is Peyton Manning’s town.  We all know of the rivalry that exists between the Patriots and Colts — and more specifically the one the media has created between Peyton Manning and Brady.  Unlike the folks over at Vigilant Sports, I’m not saying the people who designed this billboard chose not to include Brady because they didn’t want to celebrate him in Peyton’s house.  However, you don’t put together a massive Super Bowl 46 billboard without carefully planning out every detail.  The people who designed this chose Jerod Mayo for a reason.  Eli Manning is the face of the 2011 Giants. Mayo isn’t even the face of the 2011 Patriots’ defense, as Vince Wilfork could tell you.  On second thought, maybe I am saying the people of Indianapolis did this intentionally.

H/T The Big Lead

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  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_L4ZET7H7KOG7RWYUF4NIAZYEMM Robert

    It’s stupid beyond recognition. There’s ZERO chance there wasn’t full intent on behalf of the City of Indianapolis and the Colts.
    Jerrod Mayo? Really?
    Then again, if you’ve ever been to this chump village…..er, city, you’d know why.

  • Anonymous

     The real message here tells the story of a city in crisis.  Nothing happens in SAD Indianapolis without Ballard’s knowledge, therefore this was deliberate and classless.