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Monday, June 18, 2018

Terrell Owens to appear on ‘Dr. Phil’ with mothers of his children

Terrell Owens will appear in an upcoming episode of the TV show “Dr. Phil” with three of the four mothers of his children to discuss some of their issues, his publicist confirmed to Larry Brown Sports.

Owens, a former NFL star now playing in the Indoor Football League, has been in the news several times over the past year because of family issues. One of the mothers of his children filed a petition after he missed child support payments. Owens was only doing that in an attempt to lower the amount he owed to make it more affordable given his decreased income. He ultimately was successful in getting his payment amounts reduced.

The episode, which we’re told will air on May 8, will allow the receiver to discuss several matters with the mothers of his children. We’re also told three of the four mothers will appear on the show.

A separate report says one of the mothers claims Owens has only seen his child 12 times. We were unable to verify any specifics concerning the show.

So the same week we learn Antonio Cromartie won’t do a reality show about his family, we find out that T.O. is going on TV to talk about his. This should be exciting. As T.O. would say, getcha popcorn ready.

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