Terrell Owens Gets in a Shot on Donovan McNabb for New Contract

As if losing to his former team and former backup 59-28 on Monday Night Football wasn’t enough embarrassment for Donovan McNabb, now he has to deal with that idiot in Cincinnati again. McNabb signed a five-year $78 million contract on Monday before the dreadful loss to the Eagles and proceeded to throw three picks while Michael Vick played like an MVP. His former teammate Terrell Owens played the role of media critic afterward on twitter:

In case you’re not keeping count, that’s the second time in less than two weeks that T.O. has taken a shot at McNabb. Between his cracks on McNabb and Jason Garrett, all we’re missing is a jab at Jeff Garcia to complete the hat trick.

Owens, who has complained about being targeted by the media on numerous occasions, should keep his yapper shut. With comments like that he’s not only part of the problem, he is the problem. Maybe he’s just jealous that he’s underpaid while Donovan is overpaid. That’s probably what it is.

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  • Anonymous

    Haven’t you seen his show? He is part of the media now

  • Gene

    Whether or not TO is part of the media, he will still open his big mouth to whomever is gullible enough to listen. This guy is a bad teammate and will never be happy with a QB until every pass thrown is directed at him.

  • http://larrybrownsports.com Larry Brown

    He must be pretty happy this year since he has great stats. It probably means more to him than the Bengals’ losing record.