Terrell Suggs: God Had to Save Tim Tebow and Broncos

The Broncos backed into the playoffs.  There are no two ways about it.  After Tim Tebow put together an improbable string of phenomenal clutch performances in the middle of the season, Denver lost three straight to close out the year but still managed to win the AFC West.  Naturally, Tebow believes it is God’s will that allowed the Broncos to reach the postseason.  Terrell Suggs would agree with that, but he also believes that unlike the Ravens, the Broncos need God’s help to win.

“With all due respect, we don’t pray on the sideline,” Suggs said Tuesday on First Take. “I mean we do — we give it up to God (just for) safety and health, but we’re gonna go out there and win that game. We don’t need our kicker to make a 62-yarder. I’m just saying. We don’t need guys to fall out of bounds and then we get to punt it back … we don’t need stuff like that to happen for us.

“Our quarterback knows how to go out and win games. When our quarterback prays, he be like, ‘You know what, God, you sit on your couch and enjoy this. Thank you for blessing me and letting me wake up to play this game. I’m gonna impress you.’

“There’s getting it done and there’s not getting it done. Once again, God had to save Tim Tebow and the Denver Broncos. Like I said, they didn’t win. It’s simple – you win, you’re division champs. He couldn’t even give them two drives. They lost, 7-3. Two drives gives them 9-7.”

I don’t know if God saved Tebow, but the Raiders helped. Trash talk is certainly nothing new for Suggs, who felt inclined to get it started a week early with the Ravens having earned a first-round buy. One minute he’s angry with his own team for not looking like a championship contender and the next they don’t need any help to win games.

With the way the playoff seeding ended up in the AFC this year, the Ravens may benefit from being the No. 2 seed in the Divisional Round.  The Broncos limped their way to a division championship which earned them the No. 4 seed.  If the Broncos beat the No. 5 Steelers and the No. 6-seed Bengals beat No. 3 Houston, the No. 1-seeded Patriots would have to face Cincinnati while Baltimore would get to face Denver.  Considering how they have been playing, I would much rather face Tim Tebow than Andy Dalton.

You can listen to the entire interview here beginning at the 45:00 mark.

Thanks to the guys at Sports Talk Network for passing the story along

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  • Anonymous

    Suggs knows not of what he speaks. He won’t know what he really needs until it’s not there. 

  • Anonymous

    Once again tebow has to bring some god into the nfl. If some god was behind tebow he felled him 3 straight times. tebow your no pro QB quit your pretending

  • Luke Suggs

    Tebow didn’t say God causes games to be won. He said he thinks it’s God’s will that allowed them to make the playoffs (or at least the articles says so without an actual quote). There’s a difference IMHO. God may have allowed them to be in the playoffs for reasons unknown to anyone. Just them being there may help a kid – or an adult – who is in need at the time. That might be the only reason. Who knows? Tebow might be wrong about God’s will, too.

      If you don’t believe in God, why do you care what Tebow says or does? He’s not forcing anyone to do anything, or believe anything.  Just like if you say there is no God, and you show no sign of being willing to change your mind on that, I can just walk away and go listen to someone else. It’s not worth my time to sit around and listen to you say there is no God.  Is it worth your time to sit there and take issue with Tebow? Is it his fault that media print and play everything that he says and does? Is it his fault that he was drafted in the first round?

  • Charles Hubbard

    Tebow promotes the company named after the pagan goddess NIKE… that is “some goddess”.  The Most HIgh God never was just “some god”

  • Charles Hubbard

    Tebow is wrong about God’s will. Tebow promotes the company named in honor of the pagan goddess NIKE and is being cursed for honoring the name of the pagan goddess of victory. The Most HIgh God is the only God Who should be honored for Victory… Victory through Jesus Christ!!!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_R3BORYRQ45RAJUSOE4O7OT3ILQ Raquel

     another tebow ride along for attention…peace

  • alan brown

    i cant wait until TEBOW,(GOD) and the BRONCOS spank pittsburghs a**!!!!!!!!!! then SUGGS will be praying that they dont have to play  the BRONCOS in the AFC championship, cuz his lack of faith and words are gonna come back to haunt him!!! cant wait!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Shua-Sequionda/100003255988764 Shua Sequionda

    Please, people stop doing that NFL is nothing but business like another sport
    tebow,suggs etc are making big mula,dinero, dollars,pesos you dig.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Phyllis-C-Esser/100000021204336 Phyllis C. Esser

    God does not care about football games.  He has bigger things to think about.  I have heard personally Tim Tebow praying for God’s guidance during  the game and he also prays for safety for every player out there..  He relies on his own talent and preparation to do his best.  Like the rest of us, sometimes Tim’s best efforts are not good enough to win.  It’s obvious Tebow works very hard and gives 100%  every time he hits the field.  I admire him and hope  he will continue to honor God as he chooses while doing his profession.  It’s a good thing to put love out there instead of hateful energy..   As Michael Irvin said recently, “Let’s just all get along.”

  • videdigieditor

    The DIFFERENCE between Tebow’s God and Suggs’ god is: 

    Tebow looks to his God as the God of all creation and the God who is Master of everything. 

    Suggs’ god is merely his personal, man-made little idol who Suggs puts on the shelf, and pays attention to when Suggs wants his little idol to agree with how great he (Suggs) thinks himself to be. 

    One day, Suggs, along with you and I, will have to give an account before Tebow’s God on the hundreds of thousands of lies we have told in our lifetime, our taking things that did not belong to us, our lusting after others, our hatred of others (same as murder – its in the Bible), or our other breakings or violations of God’s Laws.  Suggs’ pride is a good guide to reveal to us that he has no clue about how to avoid the just punishment God has for all of us who breaks His Laws.  Sure Suggs will not receive the horrendous and terrible punishment that God has for Hitler, but the punishment for breaking God’s Laws are horrible and fearful nonetheless.

    The secret that others have worked to hide is God made a way for those who seek Him to avoid His terrible and just punishment we deserve, and that is through repentance or turning away from our law breaking and to put our faith in Jesus to save us from God’s fearful punishment.

    Take it easy, guys.  No one here wants your money, only your attention and understanding on how to avoid a horrible future.
    BTW, while I do not believe God necessarily picks the winners of athletic contests, the Bible does tell us that not a bird falls from the sky that God did not allow it to be.
    BTW, while I do not believe God necessarily picks the winners of athletic contests, the Bible does tell us that not a bird falls from the sky that God did not allow it to be.

  • Anonymous

    First of all to you and your fellow church goes this is football we should be talking about kept your god in the church and off the field. Suggs belives in his own ability and in himself which is the way it should be. The only person who is going to help your team win games is your own ability that you learned from the coaches you have worked with since your school days. The only person that i care about to judge me is the people that i love not some chosen god

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Robert-Smith/100002156304113 Robert Smith

    Suggs may see the light; but it may be too late. 

  • Anonymous

    The only thing sillier and less intelligent than Tebow mania is your ridiculous Christian Fundamentalism–an insult to the true wisdom of Christianity.

    Jerry L

  • Anonymous

    First of all, GOD DOES NOT THINK–PEOPLE THINK! God’s name is “I Am” unlike Renee Descartes famous saying, “I think therefore I am.” Get your theology straight Dude!
    Genius Jerry

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_IBQYBH23E5IKOGAIWSLXSE4ZNQ davidh

    Well said Vided!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Suggs think he would have said the same of Reggie White?
    Tebow can be seen Tebowing, Suggs can be seen in handcuffs. I think people should respect Tebow more period.

  • Anonymous

    Tebow is doing nothing more than repeating what is crazy ass parents brought him up to say now hes a crazy as them. He only wants to play QB yhough at best he may could be a fullback but fullbacks dont get attention get this idiot out of the NFL hes a joke

  • Anonymous

    Wether you are Tebow, Suggs or whom ever, there is one thing that is very certain, that when you die the truth will be revealed.  Will that truth be “enternal life, given only by the Tree of Life” or will it be a place of torment or maybe just a void and nothingness?  I guess it all depends on the choices we make, just don’t make the wrong choice.

  • http://twitter.com/emilio_user emilio

    as a steeler fan I agree
    Suggs and the ravens feel so confident in their toughness and thugness but is their HC that get the calls whinning

  • Bobby Emmanuel

     are you satanic and what have against beleivers god son

  • Bobby Emmanuel

    excuse me but lots of people have Nike including us believers of god smart aleck

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Timmy-Devo/100002617267053 Timmy Devo

    Suggs is a thug – its that simple.

  • Kevin Brannan

    And you’re a slobbering simpleton.

  • Anonymous

    i have no issues with belivers of god another than he only lives in your mind., thats as real has he will ever get. My issue is with tebow trying to be a QB and bringing his belives to the football field . If he wants to preech his belives become a minister and get the hell out of our sport

  • Anonymous

    I am not a Tebow Hater or a Crazed Tebow fan. I have always felt give Tebow time 2 or 3 seasons and we will see one way or another.
    I would say he had a very good day today.
    Nice job Tebow
    Go Broncos

  • Anonymous

    “Your Sport” you freakin’ uneducated douce!  I might have mistaken you for a disgruntled owner or perhaps even one of the dozens of know nothing analysts who have routinely dismissed Tebow’s prospects except for the fact that even the most ignorant among them aren’t stupid enough to spell as atrociously as you.  How many football games at any level have you won, anyway?  And NO, you can’t count the ones you beat your children at. 

  • Anonymous

    First of all you idiot i have no children thats what happens when a big mouth shoots his mouth off when he knows nothing about who hes talking to. I was playing semipro football when i was barely a teen. Your either a gator fan, bronco fan or some follower of some church. Ill pit my brain against your anytime. Ive watch and played football since the mid nineteen fiftys yhat makes me no i hell of a lot more about football than you. so enclearlynow your clearly a loudmouth punk who knows nothing about footbal. so go do some reading on football before you speak

  • Anonymous

    I hope you get back to me on my reply. I have know trouble puting down idiots like you

  • Anonymous

    Now i realize why your the way you are. Glenn Beck the biggest cry baby no nothing guy on radio. Im sure you listen to the other moran Rush Limbaugh the guy that sends his help to the streets to buy drugs. I hope you dont have kids

  • Anonymous

    Highlander6, the only joke here is your grasp of English grammar.  What is peculiar is how upset you are over Tebow love. You apparently have a man crush, because why else would you be reading an article about Tebow, and taking the time to speak your piece about him. It is clearly fascination, obsession, or love.You can change the channel and choose which articles you read, rather than giving him the attention you despise. Here you are ridiculing people about their beiliefs…hmm… where have we seen this happen before? Oh yeah I think  religion has done that here and there…silly hypocrite. I am agnostic, yet I admire Tebow  because of his positive attitude and belief in his fellow man. He seems to be a person that enjoys life and isn’t consumed by hatred. People wonder why the world seems so terrible these days, it’s because of attitudes like yours. 

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_AFYS4TIQJOYXOZ7J3ZPYMLBEYM curtiss

    This is RACISM in its purest form. Black’s just cannot stand the idea that Tim Tebow is the talk of the NFL and everywhere else. Its just like them and the damn stupid ass White people to hate……….TIM Tebow just may be GODS QB…….YOU PEOPLE JUST BETTER WATCH OUT WHO YOU HATE!…..LOL

  • Anonymous

    Would you please explain YOUR charges of RACISM? Be as vague, disingenuous,  and illogical as you find necessary…

  • Anonymous

    First of all you better look at your own grammar, instead of mine i simply have issues seeing the words i right down and frankly im to lazy to go to spell check, whats your issue? Second i didnt no you could read minds. oh guess what you can”t. I dont no what a man crush is because in april my wife and i will celebrate 39 yrs. together, do you have many man crushes? Ive been a fan of the NFL for many years and the reason i attack Tebow is because hes a joke as a QB and the guy is as phony has the crap he preeches. I want the truely great QB get the press they deserve  People like you and the media have made thr NFL look like a joke lets get back to talking about real football player’s. As far as my attitude i speak my mind and it make”s you feel threaten thats your problem

  • Anonymous

    It is clear you speak your mind and good on you for doing so, but it is clear not much is going on up there but anger, because it looks like your just smashing keys angrily instead trying to make valid points. Not everyone who likes or enjoys Tebow is a “crazy christian”. The media talks about endless negative crap like, U.S economy , debt crisis, GOP, financial collapse, Iran, nuclear bombs, 2012, Mayans, solar flares, Lindsay Lohan…Tebow is a nice contrast from all of that, and thats what some people enjoy about him. I would agree some people take the religous aspect too far, but heck it is freaking nice to see someone of good charachter glamourized instead of people like Kim Kardashian, Michael Vick, Casey Anthony etc…

  • Anonymous

    I”m not angry with no one, if you new me you wouldn’t have said that. Tebow fans here in florida are over religeous fruitcakes and the press he gets here is not warrent. There is so much things that happen in the NFL this year with records being broken teams like houston being in the playoffs for the first time 3 QB throwing for 5,000 yds. Rookie QB like Cam Newton & Andy Dalton having great seasons. My team the niners back in the playoffs after 8 yrs. Instead all we hear every other story is about Tebow who completes 46% of his passes and completes about 11 passes a game hes the lowest rated passer in the NFL if you care about football as i do you have to to admit im right. We do agree on one thing the dog killer Michael Vick doesn’t belong in the nfl.see im not some nut job i just speak my mind as i have a right to

  • Anonymous

    First of all i no many white people who thinks tebow is a joke as a QB and hates the fact he can’t seam to give an interview without bring up god. I understand why he does that, he’s been programed from birth from his parints thats why he sounds like he’s reading a script. This is clearly not racism. And the facts are he just isn’t a pro QB at best maybe a fullback.