Tom Brady goes irate on referees after no pass interference is called (GIF)

Tom Brady refereeTom Brady went nuts on the field complaining to the referees after a pass interference penalty was not called in overtime on Sunday night.

The New England Patriots had a 2nd-and-4 from their 37 against the Denver Broncos and ran a play-action fake. Brady passed to Kenbrell Thompkins for a quick slant, but the pass was incomplete. Quentin Jammer was holding Thompkins around the shoulder and pulling on him before the pass was made, and his contact looked like a clear pass interference.

Here is the contact prior to the ball even entering the screen:

Quentin Jammer Kenbrell Thompkins

After not getting the call, Brady sprinted down the field and protested the call.

If this were the NBA, he surely would have received a technical foul for arguing with the referees. He was heated and probably avoided an unsportsmanlike penalty only because of who he is.

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  • SherylSimpson

    why is this allowed? QB’s are already virtually untouchable by the opposing defense. now they can verbally assault the officials at will without retribution? this is totally out of control.

  • John Kuffel

    Nah. Its just Prady throwing a hissy fit.