Vince Young tweets Larry Fitzgerald to campaign for job with Cardinals

The Arizona Cardinals lost to the Seattle Seahawks so badly on Sunday that even Vince Young thinks he could help the team.

The unemployed former NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year tweeted at Cardinals receiver Larry Fitzgerald toward the end of Arizona’s Week 14 58-0 blowout loss to ask him to put in the good word with his coaches.

There are multiple aspects of this tweet that are just plain sad. First, it wasn’t that long ago when Young was helping the Tennessee Titans win games as a starting quarterback, so it’s still hard to believe that the former Texas legend is unemployed while guys like John Skelton and Ryan Lindley are. Second, does it get much lower than a once-great athlete begging for a job over Twitter? Third, the Cardinals are so pathetic right now — they turned the ball over eight times in the 58-0 loss and have lost nine in a row — that Young probably would be better than what they have.

Shockingly, I actually agree with him.

Fitz also has just six catches for 37 yards in the last four games. He probably would agree with Young too.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/gary.sausen Gary Sausen

    Vince is not the answer, it would be just another reach for them that will end in failure. If VY had any worth to the NFL he would be on a roster.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/DRPFMT7TOOCLK2NDOSOT3IV6KE Scott

    Sadly the only thing that Vince will help is himself to the Bidwells checkbook because if he could play he would still be in the league,Reference his comments concerning the Eagles and their looming Dynatsy,What a shame to have that kinda playing potential,Only to ruin your own brand through melting down,It makes me question the education he was afforded at UT I would like to see his grades I guess if I were the front office I would tie any and everything to incentive only clauses if anything because he is just too big of a risk!

  • Daniel McGaw

     VY has the talent, ability and experience to be a major factor in the national football league. And for you two to say his career is over and he doesn’t belong in the nfl solely for the fact he is not on a team as of right now is ludicrous. You can fill a spot with a mannequin but eventually people will notice and ratings will fall with the talent level. I don’t watch games to look at a beer belly coach.

  • http://www.facebook.com/alvin.thomas.739 Alvin Thomas

    So when he led the 0-6 Titans to six straight victories that should’ve proven the haters wrong. The man led his team to the playoffs. Jeff Fisher was the first to sabatoge his career and then the media ran with it. I swear only in “america.”

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/GBWVJOTMV2SQYGAZM4SOKG7SYI Taj Black

    VY can play however his ability to read defenses is questionable. His sudy ethic of a playbook is also quesionable. His maturty is questiobale and he has very thin skin. Hs ego is easily bruised and a a QB in a PRO league Coaches need bonafide leaders. UT babied VY and dumbed down the playbook to fit him.
    He needs to prove that  he is willing to put in the work and resurrct his carreer. I believe he can do it, my opnion means nothing if he dosnt believe it or is trying to better himself while he is unemployed..

  • http://twitter.com/lars1459 Larry Pesch

    Whatever VY did to earn banishment from the league does not compare to the embarassment that is the starting qb’s on the Cardinals.  I’d sign him right now and start him Sunday.  It could not get any worse for the Cardinals.  Give the guy a chance. 

  • Tommy_Fitz

    If Vince would get his head right he could have a great career in the NFL. But is there any team that wants to take a chance on him. I certainly don’t think Arizona has anything to lose at this point.

  • deacon007

    Vince Young had his chance last year when he took over for an injured Vick but couldn’t get the job done.