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Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Which Patriots Trade Do You Like More: Chad Ochocinco or Albert Haynesworth?

The New England Patriots made two huge moves on Thursday, acquiring a pair of former Pro Bowlers in separate trades. Early Thursday morning it was announced they had acquired disgruntled Albert Haynesworth from the Redskins for a 5th-round pick in 2013. Later in the day they pulled off a deal for Chad Ochocinco, trading two future picks (a 5th in ’12 and a 6th in ’13) to the Bengals for the wide receiver.

Haynesworth is set to make $5.4 million but it’s not guaranteed, meaning the Pats can release him anytime without owing him anything. Ochocinco agreed to restructure his contract and signed a three-year deal with the Pats. The terms of the deal have not yet been released.

So I ask you the question, which deal do you like more?

I’m thinking Albert Haynesworth has the potential to impact the Patriots more. Haynesworth was signed to a monster deal by the Redskins in 2009 because he’s a force on the defensive line. His last few seasons with Tennessee he was a Defensive Player of the Year candidate. His ability to bust through blockers and pressure the quarterback frees up his fellow lineman, the stats have shown us. Simply put, if Haynesworth is motivated, he’s a game-changing presence on defense.

The question is whether or not he’ll be motivated to play hard for New England, and if he’ll be willing to work in their 3-4. Given his contract status (he has a poison pill after the 2013 season) he has the next two seasons two earn another payday. He better not waste time.

In contrast, Chad Ochocinco is not a malcontent so much as he is a publicity-hungry personality. He’s three years older than Haynesworth and has less to offer talent-wise. At their peaks, Haynesworth is the best defensive tackle in football; Ochocinco is a top 10 receiver. The problem is Ochocinco is past his peak as a player, lacking the speed he once had. He still has good hands and is a solid route runner, so he should be productive for the Pats. However, don’t expect the type of game-changing ability Randy Moss displayed when the Pats picked him up in ’07. Ochocinco will improve New England’s offense, but he doesn’t have the ability to change them the way Haynesworth does.

So which move do you like more for the Pats? I think both will help them, but Haynesworth has the potential to do much more.

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