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Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Aaron Rodgers Living it Up with Jessica Szohr, Stacy Keibler, and Mila Kunis

Word has it Aaron Rodgers spoke with Tom Brady recently, and Tom told him there’s much more to winning a Super Bowl MVP than some jewelry and hardware.  Okay, maybe they didn’t talk, but Rodgers certainly seems to be figuring that out on his own.  The Packers quarterback is already reportedly dating Jessica Szohr, but Jessica hasn’t exactly been able to keep the hotties off of No. 12.  Word has it he was a popular commodity at the Circa Hollywood Dominos Oscar party last Thursday.  Here are some pictures of Aaron Rodgers with Stacy Keibler from Keibler’s twitter:

Now that we know the recent star of the Ellen Show and Keibler were acting like 15-year-old girls updating their Myspace account, we should also note that the NY Post reported Rodgers was “flirting” with Mila Kunis at the same party and both seemed to be very into each other



Not to worry, he returned to base by the end of the night and left with Szohr. H/T to Terez Owens for the video:

Is this guy getting it done or what?  It looks like he’s going to have that championship belt for a long, long time.  We aren’t saying he’s disloyal to Ms. Szohr, but he obviously has a handful of 10s keeping an eye on him. 


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