Danica Patrick nip slip accidentally posted on SI Swimsuit website (NSFW)


Sports Illustrated gave everyone quite the show last week when the website’s Swim Daily division accidentally — or so they claim — posted a revealing photo of Danica Patrick. The photo was a selfie that Danica had taken back in 2008 when she was shooting for the SI Swimsuit Issue. It was posted for “Throwback Thursday,” and it showed everyone her nipple.

An uncensored version of the photo, which is obviously NSFW, can be seen after the jump.


And you thought Danica showed a lot when she dressed like this? We have now officially seen more of Patrick than any other NASCAR driver. Unless hairy chests are your thing, that’s probably something you should be thankful for.

Screenshot via Stuck ‘N Gunner

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  • Kimchi Reichard

    Ewww. Can’t unsee it!!

  • PhilipJames

    This is less than nothing… big friggin deal. You could go cross-eyed trying to see it… some low life ahole at Sports Illustrated decided to stir up something with a 6 year old picture that you need a microscope to try to find anything that looks remotely like a nipple.

  • Matt McCann

    Just aweful

  • Neil Quagmire

    She never fails to give me a hardon. I’d love to lick her pussy & asshole.

  • SpinMax

    so not such a big deal.

  • PhilipJames

    Don’t get cross eyed when you have to squint to try to see something. Pure bull crap sh*tdisturbing.

  • Gene

    Shall we call her “nip” like Elaine on Seinfeld?

  • Brent Busch

    Is this the same Danica that wants to be taken seriously and not seen as a sex object?

  • Frank Santa-Teresa

    As Sgt. Schultz of Hogan’s Heroes, would say….”I see nothing, I see no-thing…

  • Kevin MacDougall

    Wake me when she at least finishes on the lead lap in a race. What’s the over/under on laps down she’ll be at the end of Daytona? I say 5.

  • Jesse Jetty

    So much hate for Danica. So maybe she’s not cut out for NASCAR, she’s still a beautiful woman and there are worse celebrities out there.

  • Jammie

    We wish!

  • Jammie

    Ya know… nipple fettish aside… she is really pretty.

  • Dave Algonquin

    Haha. Exactly.

  • Paul Stanley

    You should probably do better research before you post. She’s had 13 lead lap finishes. Not her fault that most of her DNF’s have been due to incompetent drivers causing crashes that took her out of the race. Sunday was no exception… Rookie Brian Scott caused a crash that took out Danica Patrick, Austin Dillon, Aric Almirola, Paul Menard, Michael Waltrip, David Gillaland, Justin Allgaier, and 8 others.

  • Ronnie Simpson

    Hey what can I say she’s a beautiful woman who is talented. Seriously whats the big deal

  • BobM001

    “Knock knock!”
    “Who’s there?”
    “Emerson WHO?”
    “Emerson Nicetitz!”

  • awfulorv

    Is that what they call a “big deal”?

  • shadow

    doesn’t wanna be seen as a sex object yet takes naked selfies… makes sense

  • PhilipJames

    Steve….you must be really dying for anyone, just anyone, to read your crap because you keep re-posting this crap article over and over.
    Lonely? No one reads your crap unless you put Danica in headline?
    Fk off, ahole.