Doubting the Michael Irvin Rape Charge

Michael Irvin has already lost his job at 103.3FM in Dallas for the rape allegation that arose on Thursday. The station justified their actions by saying they already planned on letting him go Monday. Whatever the explanation is here, I really doubt the accusations put forth in the civil lawsuit against Irvin. The alleged incident took place two and a half years ago and it took the woman two weeks to report it to the police. A day after she reported the alleged rape, she signed a waiver of prosecution which indicates to me she was paid to shut up. The chick probably was hard up for cash in these tough economic times and decided she needed to squeeze more money out of her cash cow. So what did she do? Threaten a civil suit.

The Miami Herald report says the woman asked for a million dollars from Irvin in a potential settlement. They later came down to $800,000, but even that’s a lot of money to pay to someone who’s making up a story in order to harm a reputation. Irvin may have used pathetic excuses to explain his possession of a crack pipe and he may have been caught with drugs and hookers several years ago, but I doubt he committed the crime of rape. The guy is a public figure who happens to be very rich, love sex, and love drugs, so he’s an easy target. If you can’t get knocked up by an athlete to secure your financial future, why not threaten a lawsuit? It’s pretty simple with many of these women — they’re looking for a payday. And if the press didn’t hammer guys like Irvin before facts emerged, the women wouldn’t have leverage to threaten suits.

Bottom line: would any amount of money make up for the humiliation and horrible feelings one would experience from a rape? Of course not. You would want the perpetrator to go to jail. Forever. You wouldn’t be looking for money. That’s why I think this story is total and utter b.s. and I’m glad Irvin has threatened with a counter-suit.

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  • Kevin/Indianapolis

    His firing was long overdue, considering he is one of the worst radio announcers I have ever heard. He should now have plenty of time to fight this charge, bogus or not, plus add further sexual conquests to his already prolific career.

  • http://larrybrownsports.com Larry Brown

    Prolific on the field or off of it? Or both?

  • Kevin/Indianapolis

    Both, for sure.

  • Gene

    Whether Irvin is technically not guilty or not, all you have to do is check out his history with the Dallas Cowboys and the White House. He was the first athlete who was ever linked with the term “sex addict”. I don’t believe he has beaten the addiction yet.

  • http://Gridironfans.com Sweets

    Because a person is a public figure means that he can’t be a rapist? I’m not saying he did or didn’t do it but to assume because he is “Michael Irvin” he couldn’t possibly have done anything wrong is ridiculous. I am not nor have ever been a Michael Irvin fan and I hope for the sake of his family he didn’t do what he is accused of doing.