Floyd Mayweather and fiancee Shantel Jackson broke up?

Floyd Mayweather fiance Shantel Jackson

Floyd Mayweather Jr. has been sharing pictures on Instagram of women’s shoes and handbags over the past few days and, until now, I didn’t really understand why. Apparently the expensive items are gifts he has given fiancee Shantel Jackson, and Mayweather may have taken them back with intent to sell them amid a tough breakup.

A report in June from notorious gossip site Media Takeout said Mayweather and Jackson split up. The report said Mayweather took back all of the expensive possessions he had given Jackson in order to make her prove her worth to him while they were separated. That report came a month after another gossip site said Mayweather caught Jackson sexting with another man. Then this week, Media Takeout followed up with a report saying that Mayweather was angry with Jackson for throwing a birthday party and flirting with other men.

According to Jocks and Stiletto Jill, Mayweather’s ex-best friend 50 Cent helped promote Jackson’s birthday party. Jackson even shared photos from the party, including this one with Akon:


We have no doubt that Jackson partnering with 50 and partying with other guys ticked off Floyd.

Over the past week, Mayweather has been Instagramming photos of purses and shoes. This was the first one he sent:


“Up late,Face Timing with my Mom telling her to come get these BIRKIN bags so I can have some room on my sofa #HERMES” Mayweather wrote last week.

Then came a photo of some shoes a few days ago:


“I’ve got a new business venture coming soon with top of the line women shoes & handbags..” was the caption.

Then came the handbags:


“Only name brands will be part of this venture. More info coming soon…” he wrote.

And then came a picture of shoes and bags:


The interesting part about that photo was that Mayweather mentioned Jackson in his caption.

“This new venture is by both me and @MissJackson. Coming soon.”

Does that mean the breakup report is false and that Mayweather really is working with Jackson on a venture? Or is he really just being a jerk and trying to rub it in her face that he’s working on selling her stuff?

The timing of all of this makes sense. In his “30 Days in May” documentary for Showtime, Mayweather said that men could have multiple women. Jackson responded and seemed to indicate she felt comfortable with that sort of relationship. But a month later, Mayweather’s ex and the mother of his children, Josie Harris, shared a picture of her and Mayweather together in bed. Jackson definitely saw that photo, because she responded by sharing pictures of all the gifts Floyd had gotten her, as if to tell Harris “you may have him in bed, but I’m the one getting spoiled by him.”

If there’s anything we’re learning from all this, it might be that Shantel isn’t as OK with the relationship arrangement as she let on.

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  • yga

    silly women…

  • Candy Brown

    Well, I guess there is nothing wrong with slipping into darkness as long as someone is nice enough to turn on the light. I think it’s pretty sad that the females didn’t wait til after Floyd’s fight to start this B.S. Is it a ploy to interfere with Floyd’s state of mind during training for his up coming fight. Where is the foundation. Oh there is none!

  • Candy Brown

    Floyd should get on his knees and thank God that he is a single man!