Lamar Odom, Khloe Kardashian to divorce?

Are Lamar Odom and Khloe Kardashian headed for a divorce? That’s what one media outlet is reporting.

Star Magazine has a cover story saying Odom met with a divorce attorney because he wants to end his marriage with Khloe. From the magazine (via Hollywood Life):

Lamar Odom reportedly met with a divorce attorney because he wants to end his three-year-marriage to Khloe Kardashian.

The source claims that Lamar met with a divorce lawyer: “He wants to be sure he’s protected because he knows the Kardashians will try to fight for a chunk of his fortune. He’d rather just serve her with papers and be done. As opposed to telling her the truth and having her freak out.”

Lamar is reportedly tired of Khloe always filming her fertility struggles on the show too.

“Lamar would love to have more kids,” the source says. “He’s just not sure he wants them with Khloe.”

A source claims Lamar yelled “you can’t give me kids — I’m out!” at Khloe before “storming out” of their house and heading to Vegas.

A friend of Khloe told Hollywood Life that the report is false, saying Khloe and Lamar “are totally fine.” But their source was also a friend of Khloe — who supposedly thinks everything is fine — when the person to talk to is Lamar, who is supposedly initiating the split.

It’s hard to know which way to go with this. On one hand, Star Magazine also reported in March that the couple was facing “the end,” but it’s seven months later and they’re still together (unless they’re finally headed for a split now). On the other hand, a report last month said the two were at odds over their reality TV future, so it’s apparent they have been fighting.

There’s no way anybody could have seen these two getting together a few years ago and lasting forever, so it wouldn’t be a surprise if they finally split.

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  • wedge56

    Hmmmm, chances of giving a shit…slim to none…no wait….none.   None at all.

  • JamesT32

    True, but in fairness they give even less of a s**t about your life.  Contact Star magazine and ask them if they have any interest in running a cover story involving the minutiae of YOUR life.  Any doubt what the response would be?

  • livedwell

    Well stated.

  • JamesT32

    Well stated?  Get lost, moron, no one cares about your dumb ass either.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/N5DVLTJL6ZTXRXX5PRSY6WF6KQ yahoo-N5DVLTJL6ZTXRXX5PRSY6WF6KQ

    shes insane to stay with a guy who would walk right out on her when she needs him the most.. i would give him his papers and let him go.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/N5DVLTJL6ZTXRXX5PRSY6WF6KQ yahoo-N5DVLTJL6ZTXRXX5PRSY6WF6KQ

    anyways those kardashians have way too much drama who would want their lives displayed for everyone to view.. i cant blame lamar..

  • monte

    With Lamar butt ugly 7 feet tall and Mrs. Moose at 5’10 the child would turn out to be a big monster…

  • monte

    Mrs. Moose is so angry that she was  exposed as a non Kardasian and her Mom whoring around pretending that her little (big) girl was her late X’s and her secret would stay private.

  • lorraine curran

    lamar-run for it-no one has a career long dating or videoing with these women-look at RJ