Tiger Woods, Lindsey Vonn reportedly ‘at odds’ over Tiger’s unwillingness to travel to Olympics

Lindsey Vonn Tiger WoodsLindsey Vonn has been extremely visible at most of the golf tournaments Tiger Woods has played in over the past year or so. Now that it is her turn to compete in the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia, one would assume Tiger will return the favor and be there to support his better half. That is apparently not the case, and it could be leading to tension.

According to the National Enquirer, Woods and Vonn are “at odds” because Tiger intends to play in multiple golf tournaments while Lindsey is competing in Russia. Vonn recently joked that she is unsure if Woods would be flying to Russia because he doesn’t like the cold, but she is reportedly angry behind closed doors.

“Lindsey is demanding to be considered an equal, but she thinks Tiger still sees her only as a pretty accessory and doesn’t take her skiing career seriously,” a source reportedly told the Enquirer. “Lindsey told Tiger, ‘I supported you this season. Now, it’s your turn to support me in public. I’m not just your cheerleader — I’m a world class athlete too!'”

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The source also claimed that the arguments between the two have been “very nasty.”

While we have no way of knowing if the report is true, it is worth noting that Vonn has expressed frustration in the past over being viewed as simply Tiger’s girlfriend. She has her own athletic career and clearly wants people to acknowledge that. Time will tell if one of those people happens to be her boyfriend.

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  • charlie33171

    Being single is soooo much easier. Tiger should just end it and go back to bangin’ when he wants and how much he wants…..no ball and chain.

  • JayJayJo

    Bingo! She isn’t wifey material anyway.

  • thug123

    According to the National Enquirer
    Really, that is who you are quoting now Crapbarker

  • Mike Bennson

    Vonn is a MUCH better athlete than Tiger. He GOLFS! I rest my case.

  • yom

    Who pays the bill for the dinner, the yatch? But that said, the olympics is what … once every 4 years, and for just 2 weeks, and you can’t make it?

  • Loren

    While I have a little sympathy for Vonn, she did decide to go out with Tiger Woods for crissakes. Didn’t she know going in the guy had his head up his butt?

  • ConcreteMike

    Note to Ms. Vonn……….Tiger cheated on his wife/mother of his children multiple times with hookers, pornstars and pretty much anyone with boobs and a heartbeat. He already thinks women are second class citizens and you only reinforce that by hanging out with him!!!!!
    Cut back on the bleach, train your ass off for the winter olympics because they only come around every 4 years and get on with your life!!!!!!!!

  • j7apple

    “According to the National Enquirer”

    How many continued on with the article after reading that?

  • Gail M

    And he’s certainly not husband material.

  • ldazzle

    When the cats away, the mouse will play. Slow news day? Who cares?

  • snowwalker

    She’s a sucker for that jackass!