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Monday, June 18, 2018

Andover High Basketball Players Investigated for Alleged Hazing Involving ‘Ookie Cookie’

At least five members of the Andover High (Mass.) basketball team have been suspended, and two have been expelled for their roles in an alleged hazing incident that took place over the summer.

Several players from the team attended a basketball camp on the Stonehill College campus in Easton, Ma. early July. At the camp, some upperclassmen allegedly forced younger players to participate in a hazing game where they were forced to eat semen-covered cookies. They called the game “wet biscuit,” but it’s also known as “ookie cookie.”

The two ringleaders in the hazing were expelled from school. The other participants were suspended and can no longer play sports the rest of the school year. But the punishment doesn’t end there.

Andover Police are helping Easton Police investigate the alleged incident. Those convicted of hazing face up to a year in jail and a $3,000 fine. Anyone who witnesses hazing but does not report it faces a $1,000 fine if convicted under state law.

The basketball camp that hosted the team when the hazing took place has been tossed from the campus. One of the underclassmen who was forced to participate in the game reportedly transferred to another school district.

We’ve shared plenty of hazing stories here at LBS, but most of them involve players carrying pads, dressing up in costumes, or getting funny haircuts. Those things are pretty harmless (unless you’re Dez Bryant). But when you get into tying water bottles to testicles, or forcing people to eat semen-covered cookies, you’ve gone way too far.

I’ve put up with some of the harmless nonsense like carrying equipment, but no way would I ever participate in something like that. That’s exactly when parents and coaches get calls from me. Tell me what the heck that has to do with team building? It’s just humiliating idiocy, and it’s stuff nobody should ever be forced to participate in.

Hat tip to Prep Rally, via Sam at Play Action Picks

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