Dongshot: Naked Penguins player appears in postgame interview (Video)

A Tanner Glass postgame interview Saturday night on Root Sports was videbombed by … well, a dongshot.

The Pittsburgh Penguins beat the Calgary Flames 2-1 on Saturday, and Glass had an assist in the game. He was interviewed after the contest, but the interviewer chose a poor location nearby what looked like the training room. As Kris Letang opened up the training door while holding a slice of pizza, a naked Penguins player appeared in the background.

naked Penguins player

Either that was a well-placed hand from the naked Penguins player — who our friend DJ Gallo says is Brandon Sutter — or we have another Visante Shiancoe on our hands.

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H/T Pensblog
Video via Penstone

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  • SpinMax

    Ive never understood the deal with reporters specially with cameras allowed into lockerrooms where ppl are taking showers, changing, etc

  • DBDavis

    In this case, the interview took place in the corridor, not the locker room. Sutter was standing around, near the door, no towel, so apparently he didn’t care who saw him naked.

  • BonelessSausage

    You are just mad they won’t let you in after your ‘incident’ with Steely McBeam.