Hannah Storm Crosses the Line with Skimpy Outfit Again

We’ve been down this road several times before, even to the point when Tony Kornheiser was suspended for making cracks about Hannah Storm’s outfits. But let’s get this straight once and for all: what Storm wears on air is inappropriate and unprofessional, and I have no idea how and why she’s allowed to get away with it. Just check out her outfit from Friday night on ESPN:

We’ve seen her wear go-go boots and short skirts before and wondered how that was deemed acceptable. Those outfits were bad. But this is a flashy dress cut low at the chest and high at the thighs. It’s provocative and sends the message you’re trying to meet a sugar daddy at the bar more than trying to have intelligent conversations about NBA games.

Wearing outfits like this and having it approved does a disservice to women in broadcasting. This sort of display makes the focus on looks rather than information and it’s not okay. This isn’t even outfit watch for the sake of tuning in to see what wacky outfit Craig Sager is wearing; this is quite simply inappropriate and it should be changed.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/IBCR.Blog GulfCoast BamaFan

    Strongly disagree that her outfits are inappropriate. There is nothing wrong with femininity, nor being proud enough of it to show it off.

    Storm is smart, addresses and deals with her interview subjects with professionalism and integrity and looks good doing it. So what?

    There is no greater work of art on this planet than a beautiful woman. The second most beautiful work of art is a fantastic sports play. Why not let one address the other, and let us all regale in the glory of it all?

  • http://www.facebook.com/IBCR.Blog GulfCoast BamaFan

    Larry, I disagree with you here. Didn’t think it was worth a blog post at first but the more I thought about it…


  • http://larrybrownsports.com Larry Brown

    I just read your post. I think the double standard is that she’s making things about her looks while the guys are just talking basketball. Women are trying to be on equal ground in a men’s forum and this hurts the effort.

  • Anonymous

    Larry I think you’re trying to impress a girl or make your gf think about how sensitive and popelike you are