Video: Ed Werder Heckled by Cowboys Fan for Poor Journalism, Pot-Stirring

ESPN really is getting so annoying and carried away with their coverage of the Dallas Cowboys. In fact, the Cowboys have truly become what the Yankees are to them during the summer — only for football season. They have like daily reports on the Cowboys, give higher priority to any team news, and it always seems like they’re trying to drum up controversies to make things more interesting. What’s happening with the Cowboys isn’t much different from most locker rooms in terms of in-fighting and disagreements. But ESPN loves to take the Cowboys and put them front-and-center in the news cycle and create controversies to boost interest.

Apparently a devoted Cowboys fan has noticed that ESPN is creating a soap opera in Dallas, using reporter Ed Werder as their point man. “Cowboy Chris” as he’s known on YouTube, absolutely goes off on Werder as he’s trying to film a report on the scene. Mass hysteria ensued (language NSFW):

While I don’t agree with the guy’s methods for protesting Werder’s work, he does make legitimate points: who are these anonymous sources? Isn’t this yellow journalism? Cowboy Chris was pretty impressive, but the best hecklers of all-time were the Stephen A. Smith guys. Nobody tops them.

Oh, and what was Cowboy Chris so upset over? Werder reporting that T.O. was jealous of Jason Witten’s relationship with Tony Romo.

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  • Gene

    Unfortunately, you are right about ESPN trying to make the Cowboys into the “winter Yankees”. ESPN just has to have a special big market team to report about just to fill all of their programming time.

    However, it sounds like there is genuine merit to the story in this case. Actually, you ought to know that when one of the people at the center of the controversy is TO. He has been a shit disturber every place he has been. It doesn’t matter if the QB is Jeff Garcia, Donovan McNabb or Tony Romo. Owens always finds fault with the QB and goes public with it.

    The fact that Wade “know nothing, see nothing, hear nothing” Phillips is the coach is like pouring oil on the fire. It will be interesting to see how this team performs this Sunday against the New York Giants.

    By the way, one of my other ESPN pet peeves is that Chris Berman and others keep using the obsolete phrase “New York Football Giants”. That term became obsolete in 1958 when the NY Giants baseball team moved to San Francisco. Let’s bury that term on its 50th anniversary of obsolescence.

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