Colin Cowherd Sells Life Story to CBS in Sitcom Deal

No need to double check the URL — this is not The Onion. This is in fact a true story. Trust me, I had to quadruple check before I published this post and actually did more fact-checking than I have for any other story I’ve ever written. You read correctly: ESPN Radio host Colin Cowherd has apparently sold his life story to CBS which will turn it into a sitcom.

The Hollywood Reporter via The Sports Hernia provided the following details: “The Cowherd script sold as a multi-camera comedy to CBS, with writers Bill Martin and Mike Schiff attached (Hank, Grounded For Life), as well as executive producers Eric and Kim Tannenbaum (Two and a Half Men).”

Keep something in mind: just because the story was sold to CBS doesn’t mean this will ever appear on TV. CBS has purchased the rights to make a show based on Cowherd but we’re pretty far away from seeing it on TV. Still, what I don’t get is why anyone pays attention to this clown.

Cowherd says things just for the purpose of irritating and agitating people. When you hear b.s. coming out of someone’s mouth, why wouldn’t you just change the radio dial? That’s exactly what I do. Then again, I also zoom by at 70mph when I see a crash on the side of the freeway whereas most people slow down to check out the scene. Most people can’t help but be hooked by this garbage and it truly is pathetic. Actually, this show is billed as a comedy; it’s further confirmation that Cowherd’s goal is to be a joke.

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  • http://twitter.com/IntheOT Chad Margulius

    I hope they make the show so the executives at CBS who make the decision can get fired due to atrocious ratings. Really what a joke this character he is. Just that a character, theres nothing real about him. Stirring the pot for the sake of it just to get a rile out of people without actually believing in his own points. Just saying things to get people worked up for ratings.

    Dont get me wrong I understand the importance of ratings and generating buzz around a radio program. But come on bro how about voicing what you really think and sticking behind it.

  • http://larrybrownsports.com Larry Brown

    Honestly Chad, I’m not quite as mad at Cowherd as I am at the people that give him credence by listening and paying attention to what he says. If people were smart enough to ignore it, we wouldn’t have to hear that nonsense.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_JF6TSWY6RPHSZYDNMXCA5DGFA4 Meghan

    Colin haters. The man obviously knows what he is doing if he is on ESPN Radio, a top rated show, AND just sold his life story to CBS. What are you doing writing on a shitty blog on yardbarker that no one pays attention to. Until you do something half as good as Cowherd keep your OPIONS to yourself. Let me be the first ambassador of Cowherd Country to say, you sir, are a biased, unprofessional, douche bag.