Dan Patrick Expected to Leave ESPN

Being somewhat of a radio guy, I guess this is where I’m supposed to step in with decent and enlightening information. First, let’s start with what we do know: SI’s Extra Mustard points out that Patrick will not be trying out for The Price is Right gig. Both Awful Announcing and The Big Lead have been trying to figure out what Patrick’s big announcement is. Here’s what I know. As has been suspected, Patrick is expected to leave ESPN Radio. That’s what Don Barrett at LARadio.com is reporting. Same with current KLAC and former KSPN personality Joe McDonnell, who wrote this:

Big trouble for the BSPN network and local BSPN radio station.

Expect Dan Patrick to announce soon…maybe within hours…that he’s leaving BSPN to pursue other radio and television opportunities. Apparently Patrick feels that his exposure is at it highest…and that this is a perfect time to branch out on his own. Don’t be surprised to see Patrick resurface first with a syndicated radio show.

I think that’s a big hit and loss for ESPN. It’s not too easy to find a host who can hold it down in the middle of the day on 300 or so affiliates for three hours of national sports talk radio. Patrick did it well. He’s a well-respected in the sports world by both media members and athletes. If he’s gone, it will be a tough hole to fill.

UPDATE: Dan Patrick Leaving ESPN, Will Mike Tirico Replace Him?


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  • http://simononsports.blogspot.com simon

    WFAN CNBC and all their syndicates make perfect sense. It would give Patrick a chance to broaden his horizon and talk more politics as well as sports and would fill their ever evident void left by the premature firing of Imus.

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  • RM

    Dan Patrick sux. Good riddance!

  • squeekgirl

    I love Dan. I wish him well. ESPN radio will be terrible without him. I miss Erik.
    Mike and Mike are okay, I loathe Cowturd.

  • http://gulfhospitalitysystems.com Russell McGuire

    Will miss Dan on occasion,just think the wrong guy is leaving, wish it were Colin Cowherd. He’s just terrible

  • Phantomas

    Why don’t they boot that asswipe Colin Cowherd. He sucks!!

    I have a hard type relating to ESPN radio anymore. I will less now that Dan is leaving.

  • Bogwon

    I listened to Cowherd in Portland. His act gets old very fast. Really thinks he’s “king shit”. It has cost him his marriage and will sooner or later cost him his career.

  • Joel

    Phantomas and Russell. It is dissappointing that you both do not like Colin. He was tough to like at first but if you are intelligent and like sports you should love Colin. Go with the whitetrash Jim Rome, maybe a better fit if you can’t swallow the sarcasim. Telling it like it is can be tough to chew for uneducated people. Tear.

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