Boston radio hosts John Dennis and Fred Toucher engage in epic Twitter war

Fred-ToucherFor more than four years, the greater Boston area has been home to two major sports radio networks. The original, WEEI, has faced fierce competition from 98.5 The Sports Hub since it’s launch in 2009. Many of The Sports Hub’s shows — including the all-important morning 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. block with shock jocks Fred “Toucher” Toettcher and Rich Shertenlieb — have surpassed WEEI in ratings.

Toettcher and Shertenlieb have been very vocal on the air and through social media with letting their listeners know that they are beating WEEI’s “Dennis and Callahan Show” in ratings. On Saturday morning, WEEI’s John Dennis decided he had heard enough. He went after Toettcher on Twitter and even threatened him at one point.

Dennis started by going after John Wallach, who reads the sports headlines on “The Toucher and Rich Show.” Wallach’s Twitter handle is @KenGriffeyRules. A Twitter follower asked Dennis if he could bring Wallach along with him to an event that WEEI will be holding at Foxwoods Resort Casino. Dennis went off.

Dennis’ followers then started asking him questions like, “Have you been drinking?” He said he was simply tired of listening to Toucher and Rich’s crap and then took aim at Toucher.

Dennis ended his rant by guaranteeing that his show on WEEI will pass Toucher and Rich’s show this year. Of course, Toucher did not sit quietly. He mostly focused on the fact that Dennis, who is 61 years old, was challenging people to a fight.

That was some Grade A WWE-type stuff right there. Dennis is probably going to get a slap on the wrist for threatening people with violence, but it’s worth it for the entertainment. As someone who has listened to both shows for years, I doubt Dennis and Callahan have a chance of surpassing Toucher and Rich in the ratings. Their following is just too strong, particularly among the 18-35 demographic.

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  • MintyMint

    John Dennis is right about Toettcher being ugly though. CSNNE needs to keep him off TV. Tough to look at. Looks like a shabby, smelly homeless dude who could use a good bath. I don’t think he’s even 40 yet but looks older than John Dennis.

    Yeah, Dino could kick his ass.

  • Kevin Romine

    Who cares about looks on the radio? No one from either show looks like Leonardo DiCaprio. It is all about entertainment and fun when you tune in to listen to a radio show at 6:00 AM. I respect the fact that Dennis and Callahan have been in the Boston media for years, and Callahan is actually still a talented writer. But there is just no comparison when it comes to how much more entertaining Toucher and Rich are.

  • DC

    You sound like a dumb ass kid ….like Dennis…calling people ugly because they own you in every way possible.

  • sullbags732

    WEEI has made some awful choices over the past year or so.Keeping Dennis bad choice,Mike Salk bad choice,firing Ordway bad choice.It’s hard to listen anymore