NBC pulls ‘Bodies in Motion’ video after receiving backlash

NBC removed a video from its website after receiving criticism for the way the video appears to objectify women.

The video (seen above) is entitled “Bodies in Motion,” and it mostly focuses on specific female body parts. Unsuspecting viewers are greeted with a compilation of clips depicting female athletes often bouncing around in slow motion, with the shots frequently focusing on the women’s backsides and chests.

The tone for the video is set in the first few seconds when a track and field athlete (believed to be Jessica Ennis) is shown stripping off her pants. Couple that with a musical bed in the background more suited for a soft-core adult movie, and the result is a video that seems designed to leave males with their tongues wagging rather than celebrate the athletic prowess of women at the Olympics.

The video, which was heavily criticized by sites like Jezebel and Think Progress, represents a gross departure from the human interest stories and family-friendly broadcast style NBC has embraced throughout the London Games. The realization that this was not the image they wanted to portray, coupled with the backlash they faced, probably led to the removal of the video (the URL now redirects to NBC Olympics’ homepage).

NBC has earned strong ratings throughout the Games, but their telecasts have not gone on without several hitches. The network ran a promo video that spoiled the outcome of a tape-delayed swim meet they were about to air; was criticized for an ill-timed monkey on rings commercial; aired an exposed breast on live TV during a water polo game; and even one of the local affiliates complained about the coverage. Some of those issues were minor or even accidental, but this video was not.

You can bet NBC wished it never published the video.

Of course we at LBS can’t be too critical of NBC; four years ago we created this list and aren’t too proud of it.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1576038661 Brian Humber

    lighten up Annie, the kinda damage you must have suffered has to be awful, 

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/JHNHIEY4Q2VPG6MT5Z4SHF3ZLI Dan

    What a joke! Nothing like a video featuring attractive, toned women athletes to piss off a bunch of feminists and lesbians.

  • http://www.facebook.com/tom.adkins.334 Tom Adkins

    YEAH!!!  Cause you know…women NEVER objectify men…

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/FYWRHYCRV7UTDWOXK77TNF2WNA Samuel

    Well Rachel, it is certainly nice to see that someone can actually formulate a sentence these days, 
    As a strong Christian and a lover of Jazz, I really did not see anything wrong with the video.  It is nice to see some very capable athletes doing what they do best.

  • michiex

    Why do you have to be so nasty by calling her names and insulting her?  She was replying to a comment, however she wasn’t insulting or calling anyone names

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/N6Q2BU2GVZWQQJA42KGPXVI7LQ DavidC

    You’re right. Let’s have women wear the same amount of clothing as men for every sport. Speedo’s for all you women in swimming and diving! Wait, that would be more revealing…. Hmm..

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/GWXHIVRZST2YBDUESQYRDF7T6U sunshine

    I have no problem with the women they are showing, they could be naked for all I care…. what I do have a problem with, however,  are the many athletes they excluded from the video.  One Shot Put thrower and she was one of the tiniest throwers in the event.  Where are the ladies from the Hammer Throw, Judo, Tae Kwon Do, Basketball, BMXer’s…etc?  Just because you don’t have 0% body fat, look like a VS’s model,  and wear lycra does not mean you are not a beautiful athlete. 

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/P3XS2CYVXFPNGEWNICHWL6W55Q K M

    Really? I’m sure they don’t even mind being looked at. Females love attention. Especially when you work so hard for a great body like theirs.

    On another note. I couldn’t masturbate to this if I tried. I see a bunch of very good looking females in great physical condition. Sure I see quite a few asses and a lot of chests (or non-existent chests). But come on, how many females have been caught staring at another guys package in a singlet or their wash board abs (if they have them). Just because we dont have a pair of tits and a vagina doesn’t mean it doesn’t work the same way.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/YTW4LTBACE2SNCLN2FO6YJCHJU Nick

    A lot of fuss over nothing. These are athletes people, not jiggling Baywatch models. If they ran an ad of male athletes in the same way, nobody would have called in about it. Some people are just too offended by the showcases of the human female form. Can’t you just watch a celebration of the female athletic form?

  • michiex

    What I don’t get is why people have to resort to name calling and insulting people with a different opinion than there own.  Can’t people carry on a mature, intelligent conversation without resorting to name calling and insults?

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/TNYTREHKGPRSFSAF3ZUON6PFIA guojun xu

    “Idiot” “I think one look at you would tell me why you have the opinion that you do” – Are you a middle aged porn hogging unmarried JERK. It’s obvious from your language and behavior towards a woman. Looks like you are one of those guys who women refer to as A**H**** in general.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/TNYTREHKGPRSFSAF3ZUON6PFIA guojun xu

    Annie, its obvious Jerk, I mean John, doesnt really know how to talk to people. I wouldnt be surprised if he’s a single middle-aged frustrated guy sitting all by himself at home. His only entertainment being porn and wanna-be porn videos like these

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/TNYTREHKGPRSFSAF3ZUON6PFIA guojun xu

    Annie, its obvious Jerk, I mean John, doesnt really know how to talk to people. I wouldnt be surprised if he’s a single middle-aged frustrated guy sitting all by himself at home. His only entertainment being porn and wanna-be porn videos like these

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/RYP6267E3FM6SV5C3RTPS4EHSI Derek

    Don’t understand. 
    Why else would you watch women’s sport if it’s not to look at their asses

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/UJH7K6FSPANP4POFD7NJ4JUFKU judy

    Did I miss something? Where did you see anything that would lead you to see soft porn? You need to get out in the world.. there is nothing that I see that even begins to resemble that. I see strong women and their talents in sports

  • slwolfe

     when that is the only place the cameras want to focus?  how about you give people a break? 

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/5GNX75P56MTSVMIAEMG4A3Z5GI tommy

    Honest to Pete. So, the wahwah snivelers control what you and I are allowed to watch . Again.  I think these gals are proud to show what they’ve worked for years to develop.  And I’m very pleased to accommodate that pride.
       If I read another article right, the contestants decided what they would wear.
    Some inkling leads me to suspect that the Crybaby Crowd have figures they WISH anyone would want to admire . Or even look at twice ( willingly ) .                                             Maybe you ought to have some supper with  your whine.

    NBC , were you born  w/o any , or did you lose them somewhere ?

       **   How many of the complainers were Olympic contestants ?   **
                  Grow up.  Well , forget that . Just pork down a few more fatburgers and bags of potato chips.  And SHUT UP !  God almighty, you’re a tiresome bunch .

                                                                                             Always ,

  • RectumBOY_Heldman

    You’re a pretty witty dude for an ape

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_GSY52ZUE7A4NLVLBSNCT5FJN2I quikmart

    There was a way to do this that would have satisfied everyone.  Women’s bodies are attractive to men , and men’s to women – that’s called biology.  The music was a mistake.  Some serious commentary on what the women were actually achieving would have been better and would have done nothing to make the video less attractive to the eye.

    I have a slender body and clean features.  I tend to be attracted to women with larger bodies or irregular features.  I think it’s because there’s an undervalued jewel in each of these women that I love to make shine.  The women I spend time with aren’t threatened when I express admiration for athletic bodies, more perfect than theirs or mine.  They usually share my admiration.  Then we go on happily with our lives together.

    Low self esteem and envy make everything suspect.  I believe a woman posted earlier on this thread, “Grow up.”

    Doctor, heal thy self.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_GSY52ZUE7A4NLVLBSNCT5FJN2I quikmart

    I should add, about the women I am attracted to, “all things being equal.”  An athletic or an obese neurosurgeon would not come into it – her level of achievement places her out of my biological eye.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000725799763 David Chappy

    you MUST be ugly.

  • tr7fan

     i cant belive someone actually timed how much time a camera is pointed at a paticular “object”. if the percentage of favorable vs letters such as these were compared it probably  woulodnt be significant
    ive lived in this town for 33 years and theres this fat slobby woman who dresses in a manly fashion who has volutarily offereed her opinions on the color of truck i drive to screaming when i tried to be pleasant despite her vocalizaitons.  i have a suspicion these are the type of people complaining.

  • Jinny Ling

    Did you even watch it?  There are some “unattractive” women in the video, as well as a discus thrower.  I’m a woman, and I didn’t find it offensive at all.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/CLRAHQAUQXYXDB2CMWQMXRGJ7A LeahT

    very creepy indeed

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_Y4I67EVTD6UODZZ3GFHZ6CWIXA douglas

    Most of you guys are crazy. 90% of the women in the Olympics do not have a chest so get over yourself. There are no Boobs in the Olympics. Yes they do have butts, but i’m willing to guess most of us living do. Most bible thumpers have 4-5-6 kids at home so who’s having wild sex here or even thinking about it. Please enough. 

  • michiex

    Why do you feel the need to insult or name call because someone has a different opinion?  Carry on a mature conversation/debate.  No reason to make it so personal.

  • michiex

    Georgiegirl stated they are an advocate AGAINST pornography.  

  • michiex

    I’d like to see some of your fetish photo’s BenPix.  Are you on Facebook?

  • michiex

    …or a Website?

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Melissa-Hamari/100000076759308 Melissa Hamari

    I don’t see anything wrong here.  Perviness is in the eye of the beholder, I suppose.  If’ you’re overly prudish, I suppose you see something perverted here.  I see Olympic athletes on display, nothing more.

    People need to stop walking on eggshells and looking for the wrong in EVERYTHING.

  • Tex1967

    Any avid sports fan will not have an issue with this, perhaps because we’ve watched all sports and we see “athletes” in motion… “we see the agony of defeat, the thrill of victory” and we’ve seen the same collage pieces done for men’s sports for decades.

    NBC does not control what the athletes wear. In case you missed it, both sides are wearing less than ever, and most of them point to the improvements in freedom of movement, etc. as their reason for wearing less.

    If you edit out everything that anyone might find “creepy”, then you would not be watching the poetry in motion of the effort, mechanics, and applied physics that it takes to high jump, hurdle, or time a leap in volleyball for a block… let alone the effort it takes to make a dig or save.

    We slow-mo the baseball player going over the wall, into the wall, into the stands… the male diver, hurdler and the soccer Adonis stripping off his shirt with the win… so we’re not suppose to give women the same camera time?

    If all of the women wore the clothing styles of the 1970’s, there would not have been a single complaint about this video, how it was shot, or what was included.

    So you people, especially the ones with your 12-year old daughters wearing mini-skirts and chaomis to school, need to chill out and simply admit that your issue was with what today’s athletes are choosing to wear, and what the sports and the Olympic committees are allowing them to wear.

    So they showed some attractive women. I did not think they were ALL attractive, so no, they did not show only the prettiest women… at least not in my book. 

    I honestly did not see this as being a sexist thing, other than the fact that it is so rarely done for women, and when they did get their collage of moments, like their male counterparts always do, the people who are not the ones on center stage in those outfits on camera are the ones crying foul.

    That’s just another sign of how jacked up the thought processes are for today’s human.

    Plus, anyone who had something negative to say, should have turned the Olympics off just as soon as they saw what the women, and men, were wearing.

    Shame on you for being a hypocrit and watching so much that you even knew to comment on this and complain about it.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/WYLV6CPAY5ICWWBPRC47R4ZN3M Brett

     Hey Annie everyone is judged on there appearance first men and women alike in one way or another. I’m sure that there are times that it is more apparent when it is done at times but women do it just as much as men do. So speaking as a man that goes to the gym 3 times a week and the pool 4 or 5  times a week I can say that no it doesn’t bother me nor dose it bother the women that are at the gym with me from time to time. because we work really hard for what we have and what we look like. Which I really want to point out is nothing compared to the things that they go threw and put them selves threw to look that way and have the bodies that they have. So if acknowledging that is bad than fine, and it goes both ways men alike I mean I can never imagine going threw what some of them go threw to be in shape the way that they are but it is nice to see that in some way it is possible. So get off the Sexual High Horse and understand that there bodies are chiseled art forms that deserve to be noticed they worked hard to look that way for their sport they need to be praised not admonished for looking that way. But I will have to agree with you that they do need to focus on ALL of the events and BOTH MALE AND FEMALE.   Because if I worked as hard as they did  to look like some of them HELL YEA I would want my pic taken. And a word to the wise the reason that there wasn’t any gymnastics pics was probably because most of them are minors.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_Z6FBFOJUDXMEKQSHR2ZU23V36I Eric

    “backlash”? – Seriously?
    You see way more objectification in many of the prime time shows on ALL the networks.