Shaq, Whitlock to rumble in six months?

Ladies and gentlemen, it looks like we may have to set up a fight date for Shaq and Jason Whitlock.

Matters between the two got started on NBA opening night Tuesday when Whitlock, a columnist for FOXSports.com, said Shaq was out of shape. The former All-NBA center and current TNT NBA analyst responded by challenging Whitlock to a fight.

Not only did Whitlock not back down, but he wrote a column in response touting his credentials as a street fighter and former football player.

Shaq wasn’t about to back down from his initial challenge, and Whitlock isn’t tapping out, either.

Shaq said on “Inside the NBA” Thursday that he wanted to fight Whitlock next week. The Big Fella agreed to fight in six months after Whitlock said he wanted that much time to train for the bout.

Things are so far along that Shaq received an offer from former heavyweight champion boxer Lennox Lewis to train, much to Whitlock’s disappointment:

That’s okay — Whitlock believes he can get Floyd Mayweather Jr. in his corner:

The NBA All-Star Game will be February 17 in Houston. That would only allow the men four and a half months to train. As long as Whitlock finds that acceptable, they should be able to set up the fight. Heck, it could be part of the weekend entertainment.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Scott-Wright/100000122870251 Scott Wright

    Jason Whitlock gets winded buttering his toast in the morning,The only shape Whitlock has ever been in is Round,Shaq will put a whoopin on his ass,Although who could blame shaq for putting on a couple a pounds being as he couldnt exactly go nuts while he was playing,At least not like he would have liked to,I would Love to see em really throw them dick beaters!

  • 33lampy33

    with what is happening on the east coast with the after affects of Hurricane Sandy,  why is it necessary for these 2 men to act like immature idiots.   I can’t believe that this is even news worthy.  If both of these men are serious,  I sure hope they donate the money to the Sandy victims..    Shameless attempt to stay in the limelight

  • Lavernior White

    jason’s withlock mouth has finally written a check his ass won’t be able to cash.   Give him a good scienctific ass whooping SHAQ.

  • Lavernior White

    This is a man thing go wash dishes.

  • obamayourmomma

    Can we be assured that both men will beat each other’s brains out and be out of commission for about a year? If so then FIGHT ON!

  • TimMcDonald

    No chance in hell this will ever actually happen.  I don’t know if Whitlock can fight or not.  I know he’s not a small dude.   I don’t know if Shaq can fight for real either.   You never see more than a wild punch or two thrown on a basketball court, but that tells you nothing.   “on average” a football player has the advantage because theirs is a hurting sport.    What I am loving though is that neither guy will back down.   Maybe we’ll see a charity event or something come out of this.   A shame Don King is mostly retired now. 

  • monkeybooger

    no way this happens. and if it does, shaq puts a beating on him and the “record that speaks for itself”  will truly be hilarious to read. (he doesn’t know that shaq has been training in MMA for many years? is whitlock really that dumb/in the dark?)

  • http://twitter.com/reisedogg Maurice Helmerich

    This is funny to me.. but this had to be set up before.. no way this just “happened”

  • RichardM51

    Go cash your welfare check, baboon!

  • http://profiles.yahoo.com/u/HZXK3ZV6MXFVZ5ENADOKLMMAFM Patrick

    advantage Shaq. No way Whitlock can fight. 6 months to train? It would take him 5 years to lose that load!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/YNDOZCLY7HO5PCSFKZXNIDAA3Q anthony

    LOL..Whitlock with Mayweather. When 6 months near, Whitlock will demand Shaq to take a drug test and try all he can to not fight. He’ll probably choose to hangout with Mayweather in jail instead than fight. Six months delay is the beginning of his excuse it seems. Didn’t Whitlock started this with him saying Shaq is out of shape? Why give him the opportunity to train if you think you can take him now?! Another disappointment of a good match looks like.

  • Michael4yah

    I hope Whitlock gets his a$$ kicked, he’s an idiot. I dont know why anyone would want him as a reporter/writer. 

  • 54QwickRelease38

    The only change that the racist Whitless has is if he can belly bump Shaq into submission.  Probably sprain his ankle climbing into the ring and have to cancel out.  Jason probably gets winded just trying to dress himself in the morning. 

  • gtrohon

    Then why are you reading his articles FOOL!

  • sftblmonstr29

    Well I see that Whitlock still has the same big mouth and still thinks more highly of himself than he should. He hasn’t changed a bit since he was a beat writer in KC. The “Round Mound of Bombast”, stated that he was ready “any time, any place” (oh, but let’s wait 6 MONTHS!!). As far as him being better prepared to fight because he played football, as opposed to Shaq playing basketball, it is really comparing apples to oranges. But the fact that Shaq was an athlete at LSU and a LONG time PRO, compared to Whitlock being an offensive lineman at Ball State, and then a PROlific donut eater, will be the downfall of tubby whitlock. :-)

  • believe55

    I agree with you 100%, if I had money like Shaq, I would helping the people out in hurricane Sandy. God, has blessed him so much, now bless others in need.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/N4MMIRUBORY2T6NWWXSE5OKRWY yahoo-N4MMIRUBORY2T6NWWXSE5OKRWY

     Because this is Larry Brown, genius!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=595960200 Cullen Pledger

    This is hilarious. Whitlock’s article was dripping with sarcasm and they are just having fun with this. lighten up

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_CUH43YXIZHDVSNJR542IV3DXTE Nick

    Will the winner box Danny Bonaduce?

  • kim love

    RichardM51…. You sound crazy…..  LOL! Baboon! LOL! See… that’s why the world is ill today because of ignorance that spreads like cancer….

  • kim love

    RichardM51…. You sound crazy…..  LOL! Baboon! LOL! See… that’s why the world is ill today because of ignorance that spreads like cancer….

  • kim love

    RichardM51…. You sound crazy….. LOL! Baboon! LOL! See… that’s why the world is ill today because of ignorance that spreads like cancer….

  • kim love

    RichardM51…. You sound crazy….. LOL! Baboon! LOL! See… that’s why the world is ill today because of ignorance that spreads like cancer….

  • RadioGuy

    If Jason Whitlock is able to recruit Mayweather, he’ll at least get schooled on how to avoid getting into the ring with someone who can beat him.

    This fight won’t happen.  It’s all about getting attention, not settling a score.

  • Kai B

    I hope Shaq severely bust his face open in for all the athletes that had to put up with the cowardly media who hides behind the mic, internet and other means of laying low to avoid face to face confrontations . I hate punks who talk when they know you cant do anything to them, but if we were alone they wouldnt be saying nothing but please dont hurt me. BIG  COWARDS!!! . I cant stand the media and their dumb questions , irritating statements and off the wall ANALysis. So Shaq my dude, please whip that fat, over grown load mouth and show the rest of the punkish media that if you talk big with that mouth, you can get it. 

  • Kai B

    Isnt Whittlock a Heart Attack waiting to happen. Whats wrong with this Buffalo Butt?? I guess since he’s such a bad writer this may divert some attention of how bad of a journalist he really is I hope Shaq really has this fight and I hope he really hurts him badly. Say what you want about immature, but believe me its cause you didn’t have to deal with stuff like this in your life. People come from different plances and handle things differently. Your way doenst make it right or correct or even mature. Its just what your preference is. Mine is to handle it man to man like they used to do. No weapons, Just a fair one on one. Let that stop all the talking. PERIOD. 



  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_6SII7CM2PLLWXS3DAYIJ5TDQRU lavernior

    you must be Withlock’s illegimate child

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_6SII7CM2PLLWXS3DAYIJ5TDQRU lavernior

    are you retarted or are you Whitlock’s illegimate child?

  • gtrohon

    Opps! You’re right. I shoulda thought of that. You got me good. 

  • days680tidy796

    Mayweather vs pac thats what i want for  xmas ,stop making excuses champ !!!may wins but no kO….           

  • skunkman16

    I would like to see the fight held in AC or vegas and be televised. A premliminary bout featuring Kenny Smith vs Snoop Dog would be equally entertaining.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000160554563 Lisco Bunch

    Don says i’m back for this fight.

  • Jared Watson

    May will never fight Pac. His record means more to him than his honor. Pac would destroy him anyways.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_FHRK6C6VAU4GHXEUFC5SXR6VUQ Hans T

    Fight on!  Give the proceeds to SANDY relief efforts…

  • kim love

    Yeah, Listen to the “Adult” telling someone to go cash their welfare check! Who’s the illegimate child here… LOL!  You!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/YNDOZCLY7HO5PCSFKZXNIDAA3Q anthony

    I don’t think may agrees with you, not even with a KO…………….LOL!!!

  • Zarrabian

    I have a different challenge for these two sports ICON, namely Jason Whitlock (ex football player and at present sport writer) and Shaq O’Neil or better to say Dr. O’Neil (ex basketball player and present sport commendatory).
    I do challenge them by asking if the can write one paragraph (min. 6 to max. 10 line) about a question who a Teacher ask her freshman student in middle Scholl age 10 to 11 years old. As we all know that most of our kids chose our sport figures as a roll modal
    And I like they see their roll modal thinking more than fighting for what ever reason, beside do you thing 15 years from today you  have the same stringent ? But I am sure you both will be more knowledgeable and wiser than today. Here is my proposal we can meet
    Any place you two chose and I give you the same subject that teacher gave to her student
    You have 20 minutes for discussing about and 45 MINUTES TO WRITE ABOUT IT only one paragraph 6 to 10 lines. I am sure with ability you both have in writing still you can not come near to what one of these kids wrote and I am ready to bid on it big. Let see
    How ready you both are for this challenge? We don’t need to wait six months it can be done by tomorrow. Do we have a deal? Let me know.  

  • Ed Markosek

    Sorry, but Whitlock insinuated that Shaq was out of shape NOW, so the fisticuffs should be scheduled and should take place ASAP. Only in that manner would Whitlock’s assertion be proved or disproved, Gloves on as soon as you both have an open date, boys!