Anderson Silva suffers broken leg against Chris Weidman (Video)

Anderson Silva lost to Chris Weidman for the second time in a row, only this time it was due to a horrific injury.

Silva broke his leg trying to kick Weidman in the second round of their fight at UFC 168. Silva obviously was unable to continue and lost by TKO.

Anderson Silva leg break

After the fight, Weidman paid his respects to Silva.

“Regardless of what happened in this fight, he’s still known as the greatest of all-time.”

Silva had to be stretchered out of the arena:

Weidman had Silva on his back during the first round and appeared to be leading in the fight until the injury. Hopefully this brutal broken leg will not end Silva’s career.

GIF via GIFD Sports

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  • Tj Lodge

    I am so happy Weidman did a leg kick check. That man is NOT stupid. Spider boy is done. I’m SO over him and his showboating like Roy Jones JR. BTW, why is Roy around and giving him air time anyway? Go back home to Pensacola and stop your cock fighting ring your dork.

  • Ron&Joe

    Joe despised Anderson Silva…still sad to see a career end on THAT note.

  • Time Cop

    Silva’s showboating is a strategy that happened to backfire, it was never done just as a way to show off. Silva just happened to be due for retirement in this fight, and I can guarantee that Weidman will probably end up losing his next fight, no matter how hard American Jesus makes his shins.

  • SpinMax


  • Tj Lodge

    So you are saying Silva’s showboating was a strategy? That is a laugh.Silva due for retirement you say? He didn’t think so! I’m sure he worked out and practiced for this fight more so than the last. Just so happens Weidman (this 2nd fight as well) had him knocked out in the 1st round again. Everyone has their weak spots. I’m not saying Weidman is a hero but I’m glad he kept the belt and Silva is done.

  • Time Cop

    If you can’t see how silva’s showboating was a strategy then you don’t know anything about fighting. He was goading weidman into swinging at him so he could counter, a technique which paid off in multiple fights for silva, and only backfired recently. Silva’s an amazing fighter and if you can’t see why then it’s your loss.

  • Tj Lodge

    I don’t like any showboat. To me it’s best to be humble. I’m not saying Silva wasn’t a good fighter and I never have if you read my posts clearly. I just do not appreciate his style and others that do showboat. That is my preference and I’m entitled to it. Now if you feel it is strategy that is your opinion. To me it is clearly not strategy. He used the same style against an opponent that TOLD him he would leg check and he Silva STILL thought Weidman wouldn’t do it. Silva’s LOSS not mine.

  • Tj Lodge

    Oh and I will again and quote my first response to you: “Just so happens Weidman (this 2nd fight as well) had him knocked out in the 1st round again.” But what I didn’t write was that Weidman actually said he wanted the ref to stop the fight and he didn’t. Silva was saved by the bell.

  • Time Cop

    I’m not sure what you’re talking about in that last part. He didn’t showboat in the last fight.

  • Time Cop

    I’m not saying weidman isn’t a good fighter, I’m just saying Anderson showboating is a strategy.