MMA fighter Ray Elbe suffered broken penis during sex


MMA is a pretty dangerous combat sport that can lead to some serious injuries. Who would figure that the most gruesome injury one fighter suffered actually happened out of the cage?

Ray Elbe, who competed on Season 9 of “The Ultimate Fighter,” announced on Saturday that he sustained one of the most horrifying injuries we can think of: a broken penis. No, the injury did not occur while he was fighting; it actually happened while he was having sex.

Elbe explained in a video posted on his website over the weekend that the injury occurred while he was having sex with his girlfriend in Malaysia on Dec. 3. He says his penis broke (ed note: there is no bone to break) when his girlfriend landed hard on him. Blood began spraying everywhere.

“I ended up fracturing my penis bone … I tore the urinary tract, tore some membrane — as it happened you can imagine the shock and the horror that was going on,” Elbe said in the video. “I jumped up from the intimate moment, blood shooting out of my groin. I immediately tried to run to the shower, felt myself losing consciousness, tried to walk back to the bed at which point I collapsed, knocking myself out. I gave myself 10 stitches and fractured a couple teeth.”

Elbe says he tried treating himself after coming to, and that his girlfriend was frantic. She called emergency while he was laying naked on the floor in a pool of blood.

Elbe says he spent 13 days — including his birthday — in the hospital, and that he’s still using a catheter to urinate. He says he’s going back for a checkup on Dec. 19 where the catheter should be removed.

Elbe was obviously embarrassed about the injury, but he says he went public about it to raise awareness for it.

“This is probably the worst nightmare you can think of,” he said. “The biggest problem people suffering from this medical emergency encounter…is not immediately seeking medical attention.

“I hope my story helps someone with a similar injury in some way…as this experience is truly something you would never wish on anyone..lol,” Elbe wrote on his blog.

Over Twitter, Elbe described the experience as coming “as close to death as you can come without dying.”

Doctors expect him to make a full recovery.

We’ve seen other athletes get hurt during sex, but this is the first time I’ve ever heard of someone breaking their penis. I honestly didn’t even know that was possible, so I really do thank Elbe for sharing his story to help educate the public.

And here I was thinking sex was supposed to be an enjoyable experience …

Elbe has racked up thousands of dollars in medical expenses as a result of the accident. If you feel badly for him, or at least got a nice laugh out of his painful story, maybe you could see fit to donate a few bucks to him to help him pay for the medical bills. You can donate to him through paypal by sending money to the following email address, which is Ray’s email: magicalray@aol.com

Note: A photo previously posted here misidentified a woman as Elbe’s girlfriend.
Photo credit: Ray Elbe/Twitter

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  • http://profile.yahoo.com/OPV2SQGFAVZKAQPJORCMI3EG7A Michael A.

    It’s “You’re an idiot.” I think the only one who’s an idiot here is you.

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  • David Oliver

    When I was his age, that ol’ gal could’ve done chin-ups on mine without any problems. He must be a girly man…LOL !!!

  • Troy Boggess

    Thank you, fracture(rupture) his penis broke. Kinda like a car. When you say my car broke (down), not many people say my engine broke my starter broke or whatever. It is a break whether it is bone or tissue, something got busted. Dr. J(unior)

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/TH7H2G4NQQAC3DLADLZBQP6UXM Joel


  • http://www.facebook.com/patrick.oliver.94651 Patrick Oliver

    Ouch! Sorry Ray!

  • http://www.facebook.com/patrick.oliver.94651 Patrick Oliver

    You wish David!

  • http://www.facebook.com/patrick.oliver.94651 Patrick Oliver

    She was probably leaping on him Patrick.

  • http://www.facebook.com/patrick.oliver.94651 Patrick Oliver

    A sex freak Jonathan.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1134212148 Raymond R. Reines

    Can you say, “Bonehead”?

  • hasbeen7

    “Fractured” my penis once – walked in a bar carrying an alligator – hit it in the head with a stick and it opened its jaws – I was showing off and put my shorty in its mouth and hit it in the head with the stick – CHOMP, it bit down – I grimmaced and hit it in the head again to have it open its mouth – I pulled my mangled thing out of its mouth and shouted “any of you in here want to try that?” – well, some little guy stood up and said I will if you don’t hit me in the head with that stick – hey, I know this is sad but not near as sad as most of the other posts here !

  • anony mouse

    yeah, his description is not very well put.  there is NO bone in the penis.  when the penis is engorged with blood you can actually rupture the corpa cavernosa and/or corpus spongiosum  (which are the structures whose purpose is to fill with blood) and thats what is generally meant by the saying “broken penis”

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_QCEG2QX2FUSW6I4ZSMUAQKPWRY brian

    damn fine good looking girlfriend. she can break my bone anytime.

  • http://www.facebook.com/Kasmira25 Kasmira Pepper

    LMFAO…….i know its true but its hilarious …..the things ppl do to get meat out of their teeth

  • Baby Geezus

    grammer nazi lol

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_T22VJT4IRNTENTERNXXPLHAEX4 Jompal

     Why are you shouting stupidities? Indeed, the are no bones in a penis, not even in that of mammals as mentioned in another post. However, an aroused penis can break/fracture when it’s bent in a sharp angle. That’s what happened to this guy. His girlfriend surely knows how to pound and ride a penis hard. He should absolutely keep her, she knows how to do that stuff.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/QO6O2T7CJQMAARFIFE2D3SBSRQ Dan

    guess he should have settled  for a blowjob

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/OZBLOAWDVGTH5VLDLJ6GSZX2HA David

    All  you who are laughing are pathetic. When this happens it is extremely painful, and damage for life. It is obvious most people here never bounced a woman up and down on them before. When she lands wrong, holy hell is it painful! I can’t imagine what he went through. But when it happens your 100% once bitten twice shy. In that position I never get to going to much, I move to other positions. All you who are smirking, grinning , laughing, get a life. Everyone knows there is no bone in a human penis. But if its rock hard and engorged with blood, and something all of a sudden bends/cracks it half there can be serious damage.

  • Howard Kauffman

    If they lived on a hill or mountain they could make a movie . Call it Broke Dick Mountain .

    Seriously , if this woman is that wild in bed then I want to meet her . She sounds like my type of girl .

    If there are no bones in the dick then how come I get boners ?

    She was obviously too much for him to handle  but I can .

  • teeswee

    Had this happen to me a few years back, I still have a slight bent, almost like a bow. The pain was oh, so wicket. I went to my health care provider. He gave it a medical term for what happen and said I should take vitamin E for as long as it takes, which I did for about two years. It became a lot straighter than it was, but still has a slight bow in it. He stated that in the excitement and passion of the act, you can hit the pelvic causing the penis to rupture while bending backward, related to the position you’re in.  What you also loose in the interim is about an inch in size until it gets straight again, if it does. To some that won’t matter :).

  • Cryspus Gichure

    Scary experience,whaaaaat…..guess men need to be extra careful….sorry man!

  • bnoiel95

    My grandfather is a pastor and i can all most promise u he’ll will say that’s something u shouldnt have said go back and read what u said yourself talking bout that serves him right now had you just said something about the pre marital sex you might have been ok but the rest you could have kept but your a pastor wow have a blessed one

  • bnoiel95


  • bnoiel95

    Meds lol

  • coolbreeze34

    I agree, however I do think true love leads to marriage and think that a binding  committment of some sort should precede sex. I think that sex was intended for procreation and intimacy between a husband and wife. Sex, love, relationships in my opinion have all been devalued because of how we now culturally view it all. It’s kind of like how we’ve gotten away from good home cookin at a dinner table with family and are now mostly into fast, quick food with little family bonding. The basis of our family structure is the basis of our society (charity starts at home and is spread abroad). Our society will only be as strong or as weak as our families. (My opinion)

  • pumpnethyl

    Since you are pointing out the mistakes of others, Einstein should be capitalized, as well as the first word in your sentence. 
    I’m just giving you a hard time, my grammar sux.

  • Pierre Fontaine

    grammar* lol

  • Pierre Fontaine

    I feel so sorry for this guy but I wonder how many people are sending money to his paypal account magicalray@aol.com–funny screen name nothing magical about spewing blood everywhere from your penis -poor girl I bet she wished it were cum but oh well lol

  • http://www.facebook.com/steven.k.tyler Steven Kenneth Tyler

    I knew a soldier that this happened to back in the late 90’s. His girlfriend got a little too excited while she was on top, didn’t kn ow it had slipped out and came down on it and ruptured it. We all thought that it was a freak accident back then and never really heard of it happening since then. But reading all of this lets me know it has been happening a lot more than previosly known!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/GCRC2MXUVCTEVQNS77XJUVWA5E Dr J

    Penile fracture is rupture of one or both of the tunica albuginea, the fibrous coverings that envelop the penis’s corpora cavernosa. It is caused by rapid blunt force to an erect penis, usually during vaginal intercourse or aggressive masturbation.[1] It sometimes also involves partial or comSo is a fracture in name only not in realityplete rupture of the urethra or injury to the dorsal nerves, veins and arteries.[2] 

  • Martin Brett Harrell


  • Martin Brett Harrell

    OK, Dr J.  I like your enthusiasm for the subject.  While you are doing your research, find me the guy who did this to himself.  I’ve knocked off a whole lotta skin, and I cannot imagine a way to do this to myself, short of a suicidal, full-speed, aroused sprint at a brick mail box; and by the time I got to the mailbox, I would no longer be aroused.  So it would not work.  For me, anyway.  Mailboxes are ugly.

  • Martin Brett Harrell

    Damn.  It’ll only let me “like” this once.

  • http://www.yahoo.com/ bobby bobby

    well we are all entitled to are opinions. I just don’t need or want a label on my relationship. sex should happen when your in love not just because you put this label of marriage on your relationship.

  • coolbreeze34

    Consider some of the logic behind it. What is sex for? One thing is for procreation. Also for intimacy between responsible adults who are ready to share a lifelong journey together. If sex produces offspring, then there should be a commitment between two responsible adults to commit to providing structure and substenance to a child. Love is a lot deeper than a feeling of self satisfaction. When the depths and expanses of LOVE are fully understood only then can marriage be appreciated for it being a TRUE testament of love. A covenant between two people to cherish, support, protect, honor, and be faithful to one another. We want the benefits of love without the responsibilities. The same can be said for sex (benefits without responsibility). Anything less than that commitment is a misrepresentation of true love. This is very much abbreviated. To explain the results of no commitments and how it all ties in to love is too much to try to explain but consider diseases, heartbreak, spiritual concern for self and others, just to name a few. Are we really loving the other person or just taking advantage of oppurtunity because its convenient and available.

  • http://www.yahoo.com/ bobby bobby

    you can commit without getting married. It’s not like you get married and than all of a sudden it’s true love! It’s like paraphrasing what Shakespeare said, calling a rose by any other name would still smell as sweet.