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Friday, May 25, 2018

Married Australian shooting couple not allowed to sleep in same bed at Olympics

Whenever the Olympics come around, we are always treated to a number of stories about the craziness that goes on in the Olympic Village. The athletes’ dormitories are filled with competitors who have trained their entire lives to get to this point, but that doesn’t mean they are afraid to have a little fun and enjoy the experience. However, Australian shooters Russell and Lauryn Mark may be prevented from having as much fun as they would like in London.

Teams in the Olympic Village are divided into male and female for sleeping arrangements, meaning the married couple will not be allowed to share a room during the Games. Russell and Lauryn requested to share a room, but apparently rules are rules. While neither of them are happy about it, Russell said he’ll just have to resort to sneaking around.

“I’ll probably walk across the corridor into Lauryn’s room some nights,” he said with a laugh while his wife sat next to him. “As far as I know that’s not illegal, still. It’s just I’ve got to get out of there before the sun gets up.”

As Hope Solo shared with us earlier this week, much worse things have gone on in the Olympic Village than a married couple trying to share a bed together. They didn’t ship an emergency supply of protection to the athletes’ digs in Vancouver two years ago for no reason.

While the Marks are understandably upset that they have to sleep in separate rooms, it’s unlikely they would have been sharing the actual bed even if they were rooming together. I don’t think it would even be physically possible for two adults to fit into the tiny beds they provide Olympic athletes with.

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