Great Britain is unhappy with their new Olympic uniforms (Pictures)

The job of designing Olympic uniforms comes with a ton of pressure. For Stella McCartney, the daughter of the Beatles’ Paul McCartney, the task was especially daunting. Stella is a well-known clothing designer in Great Britain, and her uniform designs for the Summer Olympics in London were released on Thursday. Overall, the kits were not well-received.

McCartney said part of her strategy was to include the colors of the British flag, but many believe she failed to include enough red.

“Massive fail!!!!” one Facebook commenter wrote according to the Daily Mail. “These are not our national colours!!!! Did someone not get the memo.”

“Oh dear! Stella, Stella – did you not think of asking ANYONE on a UK street if they thought it was reasonable for you to take the red off our Union Jack?” another agreed.

Stella insists that she feels very strongly about the British flag and that these uniforms contain more red than any Team Great Britain kit since 1984. Perhaps the general public was expecting perfection since they are hosting the games.

On a separate note, many believe McCartney missed a huge opportunity with the design because research has shown that having red in uniforms can give a team a competitive advantage.

“I think that the GB Olympic designers may have missed an opportunity here to include more red in the design,” clinical sports psychologist Victor Thompson told the Guardian. “This may have helped give the GB wearers a boost psychologically that would be reflected in physical performance – for instance, if the red increased confidence, (positive) aggression and sense that they are dominant, then they are likely to perform closer to their peak performance potential.

“In addition, there may be negative effects on opponents, facing our athletes wearing significant amounts of red, where they assume a less confident and more submissive position in the sporting contests. While these effects are likely to be small, when it comes to the Olympics, the margins between gold and silver, medal and non-medal, are small.”

Whether the uniforms can actually make a competitive difference or not, I’d hate to be Stella McCartney if the British struggle this summer.

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  • Anonymous

    whats with the midget

  • Anonymous

    What’s with the rude comment?

  • drsane

    They do look like a circus come to town.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/ID6CMJBKJNFLOEABPODLZGHNDI Rick

    Are there midgets and an amputees on GB’s Olympic team?  I guess the men’s uni’s were intended to intimidated the competition with their big buldges.  I think I can take the midget. 

  • Christine DuBois

    Wow, something actually decides to showcase Paralymic athletes and this is the resposne… Wow, it amazes me how uneducated people can be!

  • Gary Skinner

    Wow.  There’s rude and then there is plain and simple stupidity and immaturity.  Your mother I’m sure is so proud of you.

  • supercarp

    Not a “midget;” a short person.Are they not allowed to compete?

  • supercarp

    I think they are ok. I hope the USA uniforms are better, though.

  • supercarp

    So, looks are the most important thing in the olympics, nowadays?

  • Brad Benson

    Isnt bowling a new sport in the Olympics this year?

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/LT7FGR47QAQDIGH4BQZOZOE65I Tinhorns

    Stella will get the blame, but someone signed off on them

  • Drewski_13

    According to Webster’s Dictionary –
    midget – a person who is abnormally small
    Synonyms: dwarf, nanus

  • Allison George

    Do they have Special Olympics/ParaOlympics in Great Britain?  It would appear that these participants would be part of those games.  For you idiots ridiculing those who are not like the fools you seem to be there is more than one type of Olympics and Olympic athletes. 
    The ones who do not have a visible type of handicap they could have other dibilitating disorders that would prevent them from participating in the actual summer Olympic games
    Get your heads out of your butts and actually use your brain and think  Come to think of it, the inability to use your brain to its max potential might qualify you for the Special Olympics yourselves.