Japanese Speedskater Miho Takagi’s G-String Sticks Out in Her Outfit

Over the next few weeks we’ll be exposed to athletes who will be the most important people on Earth. Three weeks from now, we’ll forget 99% of them. That doesn’t mean it’s too early to familiarize yourself with some of these athletes you’ll soon forget. One of whom is Japanese speedskater Miho Takagi who wore a see-through outfit to a training session, one that shows her underwear — a G-String. Here are the pictures of the S&M-style outfit, via Slanch Report and Sports by Brooks:

You think it’s just for a competitive advantage like swimmers shaving off their body hair? I bet it makes her more aerodynamic on the ice. Best of luck to Takagi in Vancouver and here’s to her skating fast in the Winter Games!

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  • SpinMax

    My smiley faces and monkeys would be showing.

  • lyz

    um…it’s not a see-through or anything, it’s just the design of her outfit.
    check out other Japanese speedskaters’ and you’ll see.

  • Zyl

    Hey Lyz, whether they are designed that way or not, its still totally inappropriate in my opinion… it is drawing attention to her crotch. I thought Olympic Athletes were supposed to be dignified and show some class. After all, they are the representation of their nation to the world. Little Miss Miho needs to get her sh*t together.


  • thefranticsemantic

    Yall know the word ‘athlete’ is derived from the ancient greek for ‘naked’, do you? All that pompous stuff about inappropriate, dignified, representation… Kinda falls to the ground when you not only get your facts wrong and still insist you’re right, but as grand finale come up with 1) a patronizing sermon set in a condescending tone, b) a scatological phrase (the asterisk does not hide the profanity, it merely adds cowardness) and to top it off, c) a vulgar (albeit abbreviated, again, cowardly) remark. Some class, eh?

  • Elvis

    There were no woman in the Olympics in ancient Greece btw. So yes, its not appropriate in our days obviously.

  • 3cushionman

    Her uniform is not see through, it’s made like that. As for you people climbing the rafters about her being trash and having no class, don’t blame her, blame the people that designed them and then the people that ultimately approved them. I’m 1 billion percent sure she had no say whatsoever in the design of them.