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Saturday, April 21, 2018

Kobe Bryant says he can’t learn anything from his Team USA teammates

Kobe Bryant has the type of sarcastic attitude where you can never tell if he’s joking or serious. He’s one of the cockiest players in the history of the NBA, which is also why he is one of the most successful and a lock for the Hall of Fame. To many players, Olympic basketball is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and a learning experience. Kobe, on the other hand, is too good for all that.

According to USA TODAY Sports, Bryant says he is in a place in his career that everyone else on the team wants to get to. He also says there is no player on the Team USA roster that can teach him anything.

“I’m where everybody wants to get to,” Kobe said when asked what it’s like to be the old guy on the team. “I just happen to be still playing.”

He was then asked if he can learn anything form the younger players on the team.

“No,” he replied.  “I don’t know if I know it all, but I know more than they do.”

Oh yeah, and he is also the self-proclaimed best post player on the team — ahead of lone center Tyson Chandler.

“No, no, no,” Kobe interrupted when asked if he was the second-best post player behind Chandler. “Not other than Tyson Chandler. I’m the best post player on this team, period. Tyson Chandler is not in that conversation.”

Maybe Bill Plaschke is right about this guy. In terms of NBA accomplishments, you really can’t argue with him. We know how he feels about dumb questions, so it’s also possible he felt the aforementioned questions weren’t worthy of genuine responses. I don’t know about you, but I think a game of two-on-two between Kobe, LeBron James, Kevin Durant and Carmelo Anthony is in order.

H/T Ball Don’t Lie via NBA Leftovers

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