Ryan Lochte barred from wearing grill over teeth on medal podium?

Ryan Lochte turned heads at the Summer Games in London on Saturday by winning gold in the 400m individual medley, beating Michael Phelps, who finished fourth. But the gold medal isn’t the only reason he’s receiving plenty of attention — it’s the jewelry in his mouth, not around his neck, that’s causing a stir.

Earlier on Saturday we noted that Lochte was sporting a custom-made diamond grill in his mouth on the medal stand. Though he was photographed with the grill in his mouth after the race, it looks like he was banned from wearing it on the actual medal stand.

ESPN’s Wayne Drehs reported thatLochte told me he tried to wear his grill on the podium only to have an Olympics official tell him if he did so he wouldn’t get his gold.”

That explains why Lochte’s teeth are visible in some photos while you see nothing but bling in others.

Looks like the Olympic fun police are trying to ruin Lochte’s swag. Let’s just hope they don’t ban his awesome shoes next.

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Photo credit: Rob Schumacher-USA TODAY Sports

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  • http://twitter.com/Domatron_00 Dominique

    OMG! They can’t ban Lochte’s shoes! They are just simply AWESOME! 

  • http://twitter.com/Domatron_00 Dominique

    WOW! I want these!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100004084223202 Jeff Webster

    Wow, the shoes?  I  normally find that athlete inspired sport shoes look terrible to me (none more so than basketball).  I like the idea of the wings as it screams Olympics, but I can’t see these anywhere looking good except (maybe) at an Olympics.  Isn’t using a modified flag for clothing normally frowned upon or is that more the prior generation?  The grill??? Don’t get me started.  I like individuality, but it screams poser.  

  • Marlowe53

    Grills don’t even look good on the rappers who started the trend. Lockte just looks dumb with a mouth full of diamonds. Beyond tasteless.