Mike North and Ozzie Guillen Face Off (Audio)

Once again, The Mike North Morning Show on WSCR in Chicago was the center of controversy. Ozzie Guillen called into the show after hearing his catcher AJ Pierzynski complain to North about being left out of the lineup in favor of backup Toby Hall. Guillen absolutely goes off on North and Pierzynski for questioning the manager's decision, either completely ignoring the fact that he's on radio, or completely unaware of it. And man, does it produce some of the greatest audio I've heard! Enjoy

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  • JS

    Ozzie is an outstanding manager, but his profanity laced politically incorrect tirades against Chicago radio talk show hosts may lead the White Sox to issue a zero tolerance. The thing that sticks bad on this one is that it wasn’t an interview, Ozzie actually called North and went off on him.

    The Sox had the day-nighter on Wednesday and then an afternoon game on Thursday so Ozzie rested A.J. against a lefty on Friday. He didn’t have to defend the decision to the media.

    And he doesn’t have to listen to local sports talk to hear what they are saying. I suggest classical music, it’s very soothing.

  • http://www.larrybrownsports.com Larry Brown

    Makes you wonder who has the thin skin…either that or Ozzie’s really desperate to make sure everyone knows he has his reasons for what he does.

  • Pudge72

    here are some good visuals along with the Ozzie/North audio:


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