Javier Mascherano tore his anus during Argentina win


Argentina defender Javier Mascherano laid it all on the line for his country on Wednesday. No, I mean he really, really went all out. Mascherano may have saved the game with a tremendous tackle on Netherlands forward Arjen Robben in the 90th minute to keep the score 0-0. And you know what else happened?

He tore his anus.

Mascherano, who seemed embarrassed, told reporters about the unfortunate injury after the game.

“I do not want to be rude,” he said, as translated by SB Nation. “I tore the anus that play, so the pain…”

Unfortunately, Mascherano is not the first athlete we have featured on LBS that tore his anus. A popular wrestler suffered the same injury last year. The important thing is Argentina is going to the World Cup final. Imagine tearing your anus and losing?

The play where the injury may have occurred can be seen here

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  • Independently Conservative

    Truly a case of laying one’s a_s_s on the line , and it paying off!

  • Desbil

    Another Argentinian who goes by the name of Pope Francis tore his Achilles heel while watching the rigged game on tv.These games are all rigged . Argentina had the easiest FIFA fixed groupings . Of course Argentina will win in Brazil . The humilation process of the once mighty Brazil must be complete . Argentinian winning on enemy soil . The Brazilian team lineup against Germany was a fluke designed to lose . From David luiz’s quandry as the makeshift captaincy to Fred’s profligate non chalance to Hulks useless sweating to Dante’s rusty antiquated defensive tacles which left Julius Caesars goal wide open and prone to attacks to poor Oscars roaming around from one place to another trying to be a forward , a half back and defender at the same time to might Maicons helplessness in preventing Ozil and Scwinshtigers mighty onslaught to the ineptitude of Brazils all out plan of reading Germany game plane to ……The likes of Kaka and for that matter Ronaldinho were left out to make the humilation of the once mighty Brazil more eye catching .FIFA Mafia have done a marvellous job so far.Keep up the good work Sepp . You and your trained FIFA bootlickers like Michele Platini are doing a fine job .