Neymar suffers back injury, cries on stretcher (Video)

Neymar was carried off the field on a stretcher during Brazil’s quarterfinal match with Colombia on Friday at the World Cup after taking a knee to the back from Juan Zuniga.

The two were going for the ball and Zuniga struck Neymar.

Neymar back injury

Neymar was doing pretty badly. Just look at his face as he was on the stretcher:

Neymar stretcher

Maybe it was a combination of the pain of the injury and timing of it that got to Neymar.

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  • iatelier

    Why this message


    This video is not authorised for your location (DE)

    What’s wrong with Germany? The Internet is full of this “brutal attack on Neymar” videos.

    And they are not UNAVAILABLE. What’s wrong here??

  • Timothy Takemoto

    It looked like something my son learns at karate.