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Sunday, May 20, 2018

Woman reportedly turns $5 into $100,000 on 15-team parlay card

A woman who filled out a 15-team parlay card through the Red Rock casino in Las Vegas, Nev., reportedly turned $5 into nearly $100,000 over the past football weekend.

The woman, who according to Dave Tuley wished to be anonymous, bet the parlay card on Friday. Her card included two college football games — Nebraska at Michigan State, and San Diego State +15 — in addition to the entire NFL slate on Sunday and Monday night’s game. She caught a nice break in the Michigan State game, which isn’t surprising; one would need a lot of luck in order to hit a 15-teamer.

This woman wasn’t the only person to cash in big over the weekend.

According to Beyond the Bets, a Bet Online user hit two big parlays to make over $65,000 last weekend.

Here were that person’s bets, per Beyond the Bets:

Risk $100 to win $60,407.15 (10 teams)
Bucs pk (+105) … covered by 10 points.
Bears -3.5 (-105) … covered by 27.5 points.
Broncos -4 … covered by 4 points.
Texans -10 … covered by 2 points.
Oregon -8.5 … covered by 2.5 points.
Kansas State -8 … covered by 6 points.
Clemson -12.5 … covered by 23.5 points.
Penn State -3.5 … covered by 21.5 points.
Texas A&M -6.5 … covered by 18.5 points.
Stanford -28 … covered by 20 points.

* * *

Risk $5 to win $4,667.52 (11 teams)
Bucs pk (+105)
Bears -3.5 (-105)
Ravens -3.5
Broncos -4
Texans -10
Kansas State -8
Clemson -12.5
Penn State -3.5
Oklahoma -12
Texas A&M -6.5
Stanford -28

Even though those two people cashed in big over the weekend, their winnings were nothing compared to this guy’s.

H/T RJ Bell, Business Insider

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