Serena Williams’ ESPYs Dress Steals the Show (Pictures)

Serena Williams has posed nude for a magazine (see the pics), but that may not have brought the internet to a halt the way her dress at the ESPYs did. The pictures of Serena Williams at the ESPYs seen above drove her fans crazy.

We already told Serena it probably wasn’t a good idea to put up as provocative of a twitter icon as she did, but she didn’t listen. And she wonders how she gets so many stalkers? You can’t go out showing off your body like that and not expect attention from males. The good news is at least she’s proud of her body.

Here are a few more looks at her ESPYs style:

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Brian Wilson’s ESPYs Outfit Was Nuts

San Francisco Giants closer Brian Wilson craves attention, and if he keeps wearing outfits like this he’s going to get it. Check out this picture of Brian Wilson’s ESPYs outfit:

Yes, this fool wore a spandex tuxedo and carried a cane. He looked straight up like a combination of Mr. Peanut and the cartoon version of Judge Doom from Roger Rabbit. Here’s another look at his outfit:

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