Chris Carpenter Celebrates With Daughter on His Shoulders (Picture)

One of the best parts about winning a World Series is being able to celebrate with your teammates, family, friends, and fans. Game 7 winning pitcher Chris Carpenter did just that, carrying his daughter on his shoulders for most of the celebration. He also had his son in front of him during the postgame celebration:

Carpenter probably couldn’t have envisioned a more pleasing scenario. By winning four games during the postseason, he certainly earned it.

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David Freese Adds World Series MVP to NLCS MVP

We didn’t temporarily name the site after the guy for nothing. David Freese won World Series MVP for the St. Louis Cardinals by driving in seven runs, including three in a ridiculously clutch performance in Game 6. He went 1-for-2 with two walks and a two-run double in Game 7. Freese also set a postseason record with 21 RBIs during the playoffs.

It was an incredible development for Freese considering the 28-year-old only has played 184 career games and tallied 604 career at-bats. He missed time this year after sustaining a broken hand and concussion from hit-by-pitches. Neither injury prevented him from contributing during the season and playoffs.

Of all the talented sluggers in St. Louis’ lineup — Albert Pujols, Matt Holliday, Lance Berkman — I never would have expected David Freese to break out and help carry the team. The St. Louis native did so with three home runs and nine RBIs against the Brewers, and seven more RBIs against the Rangers.

To give you an idea of how surprising and spectacular his postseason was, Freese hit five home runs in the playoffs. He has 15 home runs for his career. Was it a fluke or was it a breakout? It doesn’t matter, because he has the ring, MVPs and his name in the record books forever.

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Dave Duncan Told Tony La Russa to Start Chris Carpenter Game 7, No Alternatives

Chris Carpenter pitched on short rest to win Game 7 of the World Series Friday and give the Cardinals their 11th title in franchise history. It was an impressive start for Carp who gave up two runs in the first inning and shut out the Rangers for the next five innings in St. Louis’ 6-2 win. He and the bullpen combined to allow no runs and three hits the final eight innings of the deciding game.

Carpenter’s performance was impressive for several reasons: it was his third start of the series; he was pitching on short rest; and he wasn’t deterred by a poor start. The Cardinals could have gone to Kyle Lohse or Edwin Jackson for Game 7 — both of whom were on full rest — but they gave the ball to their ace.

After winning the World Series, manager Tony La Russa said pitching coach Dave Duncan made the decision to start Carpenter an easy one.

“I called [Duncan] in the morning,” La Russa said, “and I said ‘how about the alternatives?'”

“He says ‘are you kidding? It’s Chris Carpenter,’ and he hung up.”

That’s fantastic. It really is an easy decision, and I’m glad the Cardinals didn’t mess around. Carpenter went 4-0 in the postseason and St. Louis won five of his six October starts. After he had beaten Roy Halladay 1-0 in Game 5 of the NLDS, the decision was easy. What a clutch performance by Carpenter. Dude was nails.

God Told Josh Hamilton He Would Hit a Home Run, but Not that Texas Would Win

For a few minutes during Game 6, Josh Hamilton looked like he was going to be the hero. Hamilton, who is playing through a groin injury that would have him on the disabled list if it were the regular season, homered for the first time the entire series. His two-run blast in the 10th inning put Texas up 9-7 before Lance Berkman tied it in the bottom of the inning.

The incredible aspect of Hamilton’s home run is he said God told him it would happen.

“He said, you haven’t hit one in a while and this is the time you’re going to,” Hamilton said. “But there was a period at the end of that. He didn’t say, you’re going to hit it and you’re going to win.'”

The question is what God will tell Hamilton about the Game 7 outcome. Hopefully it will be something positive.

Hamilton says the Rangers players have a good feeling about Game 7 and that they’re not deflated. I hope so, because they’re in a tough spot after being a pitch away from winning the World Series — TWICE — and then blowing it.

Maybe God will speak to Hamilton the way he speaks to Tim Tebow, and they can all celebrate together at the gates of heaven.

Video: Joe Buck’s Call to End Game 6 a Perfect Tribute to Father Jack Buck

Sometimes announcers try to turn themselves into something bigger than the game they’re covering. It’s a bad strategy because the game is almost always more important than the people describing it. Joe Buck recognized that on Thursday night, and nailed the call to end Game 6 of the World Series. Not only did he employ a play-by-play technique called “laying out,” which is where you shut up and let the action speak for itself, but he also duplicated his father’s awesome call to end Game 6 of the 1991 World Series.

Here is a video of Jack Buck’s call of Kirby Puckett’s walk-off home run to win Game 6 in 1991:

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David Freese, Cardinals Force First World Series Game 7 Since 2002

David Freese. David freaking Freese. We’ve never changed the title of the website here in nearly five years of operation, but it felt like the appropriate way to honor the man for his incredible performance in Game 6.

Freese clutched up in the bottom of the 9th inning with a two-run triple to tie the game at 7. Nelson Cruz slowed as he neared the right field wall and the ball went over his and off the wall. We still wonder if Cruz could have made the catch if he went balls to the wall, but he slowed to avoid a crash. It cost Texas.

In the 10th, after a gimpy Josh Hamilton hit his first home run of the series — a two-run shot to go up 9-7 — Lance Berkman delivered a two-run single to tie the game.

Then facing Mark Lowe in the bottom of the 11th (seriously, who is Mark Lowe and why was he pitching in the World Series?), Freese had a full count and blasted a walk-off shot to straightaway center field. It was a magical moment.

Have you ever batted in the bottom of the 9th with the game on the line? Have you ever batted with your team’s season on the line? How about being down to one strike with the World Series on the line? David Freese did it all, and he delivered. One of the most clutch baseball performances I’ve ever seen. I still love what Scott Spiezio and the Angels did to rally in ’02, but Freese’s performance was awesome.

Freese donated his bat and jersey from the game to the Hall of Fame. That jersey, by the way, was ripped to shreds by his teammates:

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Jinx: FOX 4 Dallas-Fort Worth Said Rangers Won World Series (Picture)

Texas Rangers fans looking for a scapegoat to blame after losing Game 6 have to look no further than Dallas-Forth Worth TV station KDFW. At some point during the game, that message appeared on at least one mobile phone. Obviously it was premature because the Cardinals came back to win the game 10-9 in 11 innings.

First we had Buckner. Then we had Bartman. Now we have the KDFW mobile phone jinx.


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