Adam Wainwright eats peanut butter and jelly sandwiches to survive hot days

Playing a sport in incredibly hot weather is never an easy task, and it is important that athletes take extra precaution when doing so and make sure they are drinking enough water. Fluids and peanut butter and jelly are crucial for a player’s survival on a hot day. Just ask Adam Wainwright, who threw six strong innings and allowed only one hit against the Rockies on Wednesday while battling 103-degree temperatures.

“When you’re playing in heat like that it’s important to keep those calories in you,” Wainwright, who also hammered down a protein bar between innings, explained. “You’ve got to make sure you are hydrating well.

“Always strawberry (jelly) on game days. Like Tiger (Woods) wearing red on Sunday.”

Some have said that Tiger wears red on Sundays to intimidate his opponents, so perhaps Wainwright feels that eating a PB&J in the dugout has the same effect. When opposing hitters look over and see that he’s loading up on carbs and sugar, they know he’s not messing around. Some guys wear red shirts when they’re in the zone, some eat sugary snacks and others toss back a hot dog. Whatever works — they’re all professionals for a reason.

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Lance Berkman gives away Adam Wainwright’s truck as April Fool’s prank

April Fool’s day has officially come and gone, and as far as we know everyone survived without any serious lasting damage. Adam Wainwright just barely escaped the day with his own truck, however. After the second inning of the Cardinals spring training game against the Nationals, St. Louis’ public address announcer announced over the stadium speakers that a lucky fan had just won a 2009 Chevy Silverado. It just so happens that Wainwright also drives a 2009 Silverado, so you can see where this is heading.

The truck, which was driven by Lance Berkman, rolled out onto the field and the winning fan — David Freese’s cousin — ran onto the field with his son and joyfully hopped in the back. Berkman then drove away.

“Hilarious,” Wainwright said when he was finally sure it was just a joke. “Those are the kinds of things that keep baseball pretty fun — besides the fact that baseball is already pretty fun.”

Several teammates including Skip Schumaker helped Berkman execute the prank. Imagine how much funnier a prank like that would be on a day other than April Fool’s when your teammate doesn’t expect it.

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Adam Wainwright Says He is ‘Obsessed With’ Tim Tebow

I know this may be earth-shattering news, but a lot of people like Tim Tebow.  He’s kind of popular.  Tebow’s team may have recently been embarrassed by the Patriots in Foxboro, but his following remains as strong as ever.  There are a number of men out there who — whether they admit it or not — have a serious man crush on Teebs.  In many ways, I can’t say I blame them.  Very few, however, feels as strongly about Tebow as Cardinals pitcher Adam Wainwright.

“I am obsessed with Tim Tebow,” Wainwright said according to an MLB.com story.  “I’m not afraid to say it. It’s almost embarrassing to us athletes that this much emphasis is put on Tim Tebow because that means we aren’t living our lives as we should. If we did that more often, the way he is living wouldn’t be as big a story. I’m so proud of him for living out his faith.

“Tim Tebow is such a great role model. I feel like he’s the face of sports right now, and rightfully so. He gives the whole nation something to believe in. It’s a story of hope.”

Tebow certainly is the face of sports and he certainly is a quality role model.  Wainwright is not the first, nor the second professional athlete to praise Tebow and he won’t be the last.  As far as obsession is concerned, that may be a little much.  I think everything Tebow does for the community and the way he uses his celebrity status to better the lives of others is terrific, but something about grown men worshiping other grown men just throws me for a loop.

Jonny Gomes Celebrates Over News of Adam Wainwright’s Elbow Injury

I know Jonny Gomes plays for the Reds who are competing in the NL Central with the rival Cardinals, but how about a little sportsmanship, huh? The hot-headed outfielder took the news of Cardinals pitcher Adam Wainwright’s elbow injury pretty happily, as we learned via With Leather. From the Dayton Daily News:

Jonny Gomes walked into the Cincinnati Reds spring training clubhouse early Wednesday morning singing at the top of his warbly voice.

The melody was not recognizable, but the words were plaintive: “Wainwright’s gone, Wainwright’s gone, Wainwright’s gone,” he sang joyously.

Sportsmanship at its very finest. Sure Wainwright’s injury would decimate the Cardinals and boost Cincinnati’s chances of repeating as NL Central champs, but true sportsmen want to see another team go down to defeat because of injury; you want to beat the opposing team’s best. But that’s Jonnny Gomes for you, the classic dugout top-stepper. I guess the good news is the NL Central is becoming even more intriguing than last year.

Adam Wainwright Elbow Injury: What it Means for the Cardinals

Over the last two years, Adam Wainwright has emerged as one of the best and most consistent pitchers in the National League. He won 39 games over that span, put together a phenomenal 2.53 ERA and struck out 425 batters. Those are the numbers of a top-notch ace, and that’s just what Wainwright has become for the St. Louis Cardinals.  They may be without that luxury in 2011.

Wainwright reportedly felt a tug in his elbow while throwing on Monday, and the training staff has already termed it a “significant ligament injury,” one that likely stems from an elbow injury toward the end of last season that was believed to be a strain.  Early indications are that the 29-year-old could need Tommy John surgery, which would obviously shut him down for the season.  Now, Cardinals fans are left wondering where the injury puts them in 2011.

The obvious: making the World Series in 2011 has become a long shot.  Prior to the injury, St. Louis had one of the best starting pitcher combinations in baseball between Wainwright and Chris Carpenter.  Behind that the Cardinals have Jaime Garcia and Jake Westbrook — not exactly Cy Young candidates.  With names like Kevin Millwood being the only ones remaining on the free agent list, it would be hard to imagine St. Louis putting together a quality playoff rotation unless they pull of a major mid-season trade.

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Adam Wainwright: ‘I Won’t Lose Again’

I don’t really like when players make guarantees.  Most of the time they’re completely unnecessary and a perfect way to make yourself look like a moron.  In the case of Adam Wainwright — No. 25 on our list of the top 30 franchise players in baseball — I’m willing to make an exception.

Despite not having won a game since August 11, the right-hander still has a Cy Young-worthy 17-10 record with a 2.34 ERA.  Wainwright has allowed at least four runs in each of his last three starts, and it looks as though an adjustment may be needed in order for him to get back on track.  The Cardinals ace has guaranteed he will make that adjustment.

I don’t like losing one game much less four in a row,” Wainwright said. “I won’t lose again.”

Certainly a bold statement, but for some reason I believe him.  Wainwright definitely has the stuff needed to run the table, granted the Cardinals score a few runs along the way.  Whether St. Louis ends up making the playoffs or not (not looking good), I wouldn’t want to be a hitter facing a pissed off Adam Wainwright who has gone out of his way to make guarantees.

Cardinals’ Adam Wainwright: “I won’t lose again” [Hardball Talk]