Alexa Flutie is now a San Diego Chargers cheerleader (Pictures)

Like father, like daughter. Alex Flutie may no longer be a New England Patriots cheerleader, but that doesn’t mean she was ready to call it a cheerleader career and hang up the pompoms. Alexa, who happens to be Doug Flutie’s daughter, has moved on to warmer weather and joined the Chargers 2012 squad in San Diego.

According to the Chargers website, Flutie has made the first of two San Diego cheerleading squads and is one of 13 first-time Charger girls joining 15 returning veterans. To our knowledge, the Chargers did not make her pass an IQ test to become a member of their squad unlike that other team she used to cheer for.

Coincidentally, Alexa and Doug have now both been a part of the Patriots and Chargers organizations. Could the Buffalo Bills be the next stop on her tour? We’ll just have to wait and see. Here are some more photos from the Charger Girls 2012 tryouts, courtesy of Fox 5 in San Diego:

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Alexa Flutie Had to Pass Football IQ Test to Become Patriots Cheerleader

Alexa Flutie is the daughter of former Heisman Trophy winner and Patriots quarterback, Doug Flutie. As we told you in May, she finally made the Patriots cheerleading team after trying out unsuccessfully the previous few years. Being a cheerleader for an NFL team may seem simple — look good, dance well, and wave your pompoms freely. Apparently that’s not the case.

As Off the Bench points out to us, all Patriots cheerleaders had to take a football IQ test, Tom Hanks Bachelor Party style. Alexa elaborated on the IQ test during an interview with The Fan 590 in Toronto.

“Growing up with football around definitely helps but some of the questions get very intense and you have to know very specific details. I know some of the things I had issues with were the postseason rules for overtime and safeties. It was a little more intense. Not playing sports I definitely had to study those a little bit harder.”

Wow, so it looks like the women have to be more than a pretty face who can dance — they also have to know sports. That’s probably not a problem for Tony LaRussa’s daughter, Bianca, who made the Raiderettes cheer squad after already being a hardcore fan. For many prospective cheerleaders, the test was probably difficult. Alexa adds that women had to run the ramps and had their conditioning tested. She also says her dad is happy she’s following in his footsteps.

For more pictures of Alexa Flutie, go here.

Alexa Flutie is a New England Patriots Cheerleader (and Doug’s Daughter)

Last week, we brought you the stunning Bianca Tai La Russa, who is Cardinals manager Tony La Russa’s daughter and was recently named to the Oakland Raiders cheerleading squad.  Oh yeah, she also happens to be insanely hot (check her out here).  This week, we are fortunate enough to have had another sports daughter join an NFL cheerleading squad, this time the daughter of Boston College legend and former NFL quarterback Doug Flutie.

As the Boston Globe pointed out, via NESN.com, Alexa Flutie was named to the 2011 New England Patriots cheerleading team on Tuesday.  As a result, I may spend a couple less minutes watching football at Gillette Stadium next season (if there is one) and a little more time keeping an eye on the sidelines.

Here are some more pictures of Alexa Flutie, who I must say appears to be very deserving of the honor.

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