Alistair Overeem calls out Brock Lesnar after fight

Alistair OvereemAlistair Overeem beat Frank Mir at UFC 169 in Newark on Saturday night, and the beastly heavyweight gave fans something to look forward to by calling out Brock Lesnar after his win.

Overeem closed out his post-fight interview with UFC commentator Joe Rogan by saying he wants a rematch with Lesnar, whom he beat at UFC 141 in Dec. 2011.

“I have one more thing to say: I heard there’s word that Brock Lesnar is about to come back to the UFC. Well I’ll be here waiting for him!” Overeem said.

The rumor that Lesnar may return to the UFC started in December and has been perpetuated by Dana White, who said during the week that Lesnar wants to return to the UFC. Lesnar is paid well by WWE and has been busy with them, but White says he wants to come back when his schedule opens up.

Lesnar hasn’t fought since his loss to Overeem. His struggles with diverticulitis led him to retire from the UFC, but you better believe fans would love it if he returns and fights Overeem in a rematch. Who wouldn’t want to see that?

Here is a video of Alistair Overeem calling out Brock Lesnar after the fight:

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Alistair Overeem knocked out by sick Travis Browne front kick

Travis Browne (15-1-1) scored a surprising comeback win over Alistair Overeem (36-13) at UFC Fight Night 26 on Saturday with a sick front kick to the face.

Travis Browne kickBrowne was getting destroyed by Overeem early in the fight, taking a number of knees to the body and punches to the head. The fight was dangerously close to being stopped after the first minute, but Brown managed to wiggle out of the way of punishment. Once he got to his feet and away from Overeem, Browne began sending a number of kicks to keep The Reem at a distance. Overeem seemed uncomfortable with the kicks, though he did manage to block most of them. But one kick did get through — a front kick that nailed him straight in the face, knocking him out. It was very similar to the knockout kick from Anderson Silva to beat Vitor Belfort two years ago.

As soon as Overeem hit the mat, Browne jumped on Overeem and got in a few punches before the fight was stopped at 4:08.

After the fight, Browne recognized how close he was to losing.

“He does throw knees like I’ve never felt before,” Browne admitted in a post-fight interview with Joe Rogan. “He hit me with a couple of those body shots. That’s what put me down. I was there mentally, but my body was shutting down.

“This is just another goal in my career that I’ve achieved. Taking out a top-five guy. I’m not done yet. I want to wear that strap. Cain (Velasquez), you’re the best in the world right now. We’re all coming after that belt though.”

While Brown has now won consecutive fights since losing to Big Foot Silva last year, Reem has lost two in a row and is in danger of being cut by the UFC.

Here’s a look at the knockout kick from another angle:

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Alistair Overeem: Junior dos Santos is afraid to fight me

Alistair Overeem hasn’t fought since beating Brock Lesnar at UFC 141 last December. The former Strikeforce heavyweight champ tested positive for elevated levels of testosterone prior to his scheduled May fight against UFC heavyweight champ Junior dos Santos and was replaced. Overeem recently met with Dana White to patch things up after his positive test created a mess, and White said things went well.

Overeem might not be able to fight until late December, but he’s open to facing the top competition when he is cleared. He just doesn’t think dos Santos wants to face him.

“If they want me to go for the title, I’m going to be ready for that,” Overeem told MMA Junkie. “If they don’t, I’m also going to be ready.

“He can talk all he wants,” Overeem said of dos Santos. “I know he’s very happy that fight didn’t happen, and I know he’s afraid to fight me. He also knows that I’m the biggest threat out there to him. He knows when he fights me, there’s no escape from it.”

If dos Santos doesn’t want to fight Overeem, it’s for a legitimate reason: He thinks Overeem is a cheater. Dos Santos said as much a year ago and his suspicions were validated by Overeem’s positive test.

We know that dos Santos is willing to face opponents who he suspects is cheating, so he probably won’t shy away from facing Overeem. This comes down to Alistair just trying to get into JDS’ head.

Alistair Overeem fails drug test, UFC 146 fight in jeopardy

Alistair Overeem’s scheduled fight with Junior dos Santos at UFC 146 in Las Vegas is in jeopardy after the MMA star failed a drug test due to elevated levels of testosterone. The Nevada State Athletic Commission says Overeem’s T/E ratio was greater than 10:1, which is higher than their 6:1 limit. Overeem will have to appear in front of the commission.

Overeem had similar issues prior to his UFC 141 fight with Brock Lesnar. He initially did not provide a sample before the fight, then he did, and it was the wrong sample. The NSAC granted him a conditional license and he faced drug testing after the fight, which he passed. This time he wasn’t as lucky and he failed a random test.

There is some irony in this situation. Junior dos Santos implied in an interview last year that both Overeem and Lesnar used steroids. Now, leading up to a fight against dos Santos, he’s been popped for likely PED usage.

This news should not surprise anyone. Suspicions of Overeem’s PED usage should have been high after the whole fiasco prior to the Lesnar fight. Plus, just one look at these pictures tells you all you need to know.

Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-US PRESSWIRE

Alistair Overeem Knocks Brock Lesnar into Retirement, Cue the WWE Rumors

Alistair Overeem beat Brock Lesnar by first-round TKO in their UFC 141 fight in Las Vegas Friday night, leading to Brock’s announcement that he was retiring.

The fight went about the way I expected, and it ended exactly how Overeem predicted: with a hard leg kick to the liver. Lesnar was hesitant to shoot on Overeem and take to the fight to the ground where he’d have the advantage. The hesitation allowed Overeem to go to work with his striking and stand-up game.

Brock had no defense for Alistair’s Muay Thai knees and hard leg kicks which led to the stoppage. It was a kick straight to the liver that did all the damage, and Brock told Dana White after the fight that he thought he had a few broken ribs.

Lesnar has now lost two fights in a row since his fast rise to UFC Heavyweight Champion. He became UFC champ in just his fourth professional fight — an incredible feat. At 34 years old and recovering from intestinal surgery because of diverticulitis, Lesnar announced he was retiring from MMA. It’s likely he’ll make at least a few appearances in the WWE like he suggested in October.

Overeem will now face heavyweight champion Junior dos Santos in what should be another exciting fight.

Brock Lesnar Hardly Knew Anything About Alistair Overeem Prior to Their Fight

Brock Lesnar and Alistair Overeem will meet Friday night in one of the most anticipated fights of the year. Overeem is a decorated fighter; he’s been a heavyweight MMA champion in Strikeforce and Dream, and he’s a K-1 kickboxing champ. He also hasn’t lost in his last 11 MMA fights dating back to 2007.

Even though The Reem was well known to fight fans across the world, Brock Lesnar was unfamiliar with him.

Kevin Iole writes at Yahoo! Sports that Brock didn’t know much about Alistair before agreeing to the fight. Lesnar apparently doesn’t pay much attention to MMA except when he’s fighting .

“I really didn’t look at people outside the UFC,” Lesnar said. “I’m not the kind of guy that sits around and ponders that kind of stuff. Obviously, this is a guy who is threatening. You don’t get into this company and get into this division if you’re not a threat. He’s a threat.”

Lesnar has learned much more about Overeem while preparing for the fight and respects him, but it’s just strange for fans, who follow stars like Alistair so closely, to hear that another prominent fighter didn’t know much about him. I guess it just shows us that some guys who fight aren’t fans. Maybe this attitude well serve Lesnar well in the fight. I think Overeem is a much better all around fighter and expect him to win.

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Brock Lesnar, Alistair Overeem to Fight in UFC December 30th

Brock Lesnar and Alistair Overeem will fight in the UFC December 30th, the LA Times reported Tuesday afternoon. Overeem just signed a standard contract to fight in the UFC two months after leaving Strikeforce. We at LBS speculated three weeks ago that the two mega-stars could meet at UFC 140 and it looks like that is going to happen.

This is sure to be a blockbuster event that will be one of the most-watched UFC fights in history. It will take place on a Friday night at the MGM in Las Vegas. Dana White put it well, saying “This is the fight the fans want. Both of these guys are monsters. Can Lesnar take Overeem down?”

Overeem described the fight as a “dream matchup,” saying “Brock is a big name,” and “a dangerous guy.”

This will be Lesnar’s first fight since losing to Cain Velasquez at UFC 121 in Anaheim last October. Given his time off and the level of difficulty for his opponent, I’ll take Overeem.

The best part is that another blockbuster will be in the works. The Times says the winner will likely face the victor of the Cain Velasquez-Junior dos Santos fight. No matter how you look at it, the heavyweight division in the UFC just got a lot more exciting.