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Saturday, November 28, 2015

Articles tagged: Amani Toomer

Amani Toomer: Ray Lewis is a caricature of himself, it’s ‘exhausting’

Make no mistake about it: Super Bowl XLVII is about Ray Lewis more than any other single player on the Baltimore Ravens. The entire team deserves credit for getting to New Orleans, but Lewis is the big storyline. Whether it’s his impending retirement, his alleged use of performance-enhancing substances or simply his obnoxious flare for…Read More

Amani Toomer: Tony Romo is probably a better quarterback than Eli Manning

Prior to last season, there were probably a number of people who believed that Tony Romo was a better quarterback than Eli Manning. Now, that population is nearing extinction. Manning is a two-time Super Bowl MVP and Romo has won one playoff game in his career. Last season, Eli led more fourth-quarter comebacks than anyone…Read More

Amani Toomer Compares Roger Goodell to a Nazi Gestapo

The potential of an NFL lockout has brought out the worst in all of us. As fans, we’re cranky. The owners want more money and have done a terrific job of making themselves look greedy. The players are annoyed with the owners’ unreasonable negotiating tactics. Since he happens to run the entire show, it should…Read More

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