Andrew Bynum having surgery on both knees, out for the season

Andrew-Bynum-hairAndrew Bynum’s season will end before it began. The Philadelphia 76ers center is scheduled to undergo season-ending surgery on both of his knees.

Yahoo! Sports’ Adrian Wojnarowski first reported the news and says the surgery will be to clean out debris in both knees. He says the arthroscopic procedures are scheduled for Tuesday.

Bynum was acquired by Philly in a four-team trade in August that sent Dwight Howard to Los Angeles. The Sixers welcomed Bynum with a billboard and expected him to become a franchise player, but they have gotten nothing but aggravation thus far. Bynum made nearly $17 million this season without playing a game, though the team did have some of his salary paid by insurance.

Bynum, 25, has had multiple knee problems throughout his career. He will be an unrestricted free agent after the season. At this point it’s fair to wonder what kind of contract offers Bynum will receive. It’s also fair to wonder if he’ll ever be able to make it through a season; he’s only played more than 65 games in a regular season once in eight seasons. I know I wouldn’t waste my time signing such an unreliable player.

Philadelphia DA wants to investigate Andrew Bynum for fraud

Andrew Bynum

Andrew Bynum is earning nearly $17 million this season and has yet to play in a game for the Philadelphia 76ers because of various knee problems. The 25-year-old center recently suffered a setback in his rehab, and he said on Friday that he might not play at all this season. He and the team reportedly are even considering season-ending knee surgery as a possibility.

Bynum was the centerpiece of a four-team trade in August that also sent Dwight Howard to the Los Angeles Lakers. He was welcomed to Philadelphia with a billboard and the hope that he could lead the team to a deep playoff run. Instead, the trade has been a total bust.

76ers fans are frustrated with Bynum and the perception that he doesn’t prioritize returning to the team. His ever-changing hairstyles, injury sustained while bowling, and comments Friday that he doesn’t want to play in pain have incensed Sixers fans. Even the city’s district attorney is taking shots at Bynum.

Philadelphia DA Seth Williams responded to a 76ers reporter’s tweet Friday by suggesting he would open an investigation on Bynum for stealing money from the team:

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Andrew Bynum admits he may not play this season, doesn’t want to play in pain

Andrew-Bynum-hairIn listening to Philadelphia 76ers coach Doug Collins’ rant earlier this week, it was easy to get the impression that he is not holding out hope that Andrew Bynum will be able to play his first game as a Sixer this season. Bynum and his insane hair recently told reporters that he is positive he will play this year, but there are only 26 games remaining on Philly’s schedule.

On Friday, CSNPhilly.com’s Dei Lynam and John Gonzalez shared some comments from Bynum that indicate he realizes his season is slipping away.

“Bynum said ‘I really don’t know’ when asked if he’ll play this year,” Gonzalez wrote on Twitter Friday afternoon. “Knee is swollen from last Friday’s practice. When asked if he’s worried about the perception that he doesn’t want to play in pain, Bynum said ‘that’s true, I don’t want to play in pain.'”

Lynam shared more of the same from Bynum, adding that he said his health is more important and that the season is running short on time.

As Kurt Helin of Pro Basketball Talk pointed out, Bynum is an unrestricted free agent after this year. His knees are obviously a major concern, but he’s only 25 years old. Some team is going to be willing to open their checkbook and give him a solid amount of money whether he plays a game this season or not.

Will that team be the Sixers, or will Bynum never play a game for Philadelphia? You could argue that the Sixers wagered their entire future to acquire Bynum in hopes that he becomes the cornerstone of their franchise, so they almost have to bring him back. Otherwise, they’ll be getting literally nothing in return on their investment. Well, aside from a few laughs on account of his hair.

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Andrew Bynum has combined his hairstyles for a new look (Picture)


Andrew Bynum is running out of ideas for what to do with his hair. On Tuesday, the big man met with the media to give an update about his health and unveiled a new look.

Bynum’s hair has been a topic of discussion for several months now. At one point, he was rocking the Don King look. He later smartened up and decided to braid his hair, but on Tuesday it appeared he was going for a combination of the two styles. Either that, or he simply was in the middle of braiding his hair when he realized he had to get to his interview.

As for basketball stuff, Bynum claims he will get back to practicing within the next couple of weeks. However, John R. Finger of CSN Philly mentioned that Bynum told reporters he will have to play through pain, though he doesn’t believe the injury will get any worse by playing. He gave assurance that he is “100 percent” certain he will play this season.

If not, we can always keep tracking his hair.

Photo via Twitter/Jordan Raanan
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Andrew Bynum updates his hair with new braids (Picture)

Andrew Bynum braids

Andrew Bynum still hasn’t played a game for the Philadelphia 76ers this season, so all we’ve been left to talk about is his knees, rehab, and hair. Luckily he’s provided us with plenty of material on all accounts.

The evolution of Bynum’s hair this season has been simply amazing. First he started off with the Don King look. A month later he had transitioned into the Ike Turner/Three Stooges ‘do. By December he finally got a grip on his hair by braiding it.

Bynum showed up to Friday’s Sixers-Kings game with his braids intact, but he switched it up by adding a more defined part down the middle, and somewhat of a pinwheel look on the sides.

Bynum had injections in both his knees on Thursday and there is still no timetable for his return. But back to more important matters, we have created this Andrew Bynum hair watch link to keep you updated on everything related to his ‘do.

Photos via Brian Lentz, Beyond the Buzzer
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Andrew Bynum’s newest hairstyle: braids (Pictures)


Andrew Bynum hairwatch 2012 has its latest update. The Philadelphia 76ers center addressed reporters on Friday and was seen sporting a new ‘do.

Bynum decided to tie down his ‘fro into two french braids that give him a Snoop Dogg/Allen Iverson look.

The reason for the change?

“French braids, man. I got tired of the ‘fro,” he told reporters.

Well that’s just a shame. We certainly were not tired of sharing bi-monthly updates on his blossoming ‘fro.

Bynum has gone with the Don King look, the Ike Turner cut, and the full mushroom over the past several weeks. Now he has the braids.

The good news for Sixers fans is that Bynum was cleared by the team’s medical staff to begin riding a stationary bike, which is the first step in a six-part rehab process. He has not played in a game this season because of bone bruises in his knees, but he says he’s “confident” he’ll play this season.

Chest bump to The 700 Level

Andrew Bynum says he’s the top center in the NBA ahead of Dwight Howard

For someone who has yet to play a game for the Philadelphia 76ers or prove that he can be a difference-maker for their franchise, Andrew Bynum is awfully confident. While it’s still incredibly early, you could make the argument at the moment that the Los Angeles Lakers were better with Bynum than they are with Dwight Howard. A number of other factors are at play, but Bynum still feels he is a better center than Howard.

In addition to saying Howard will have to learn how to not touch the ball every play now that he is teammates with Kobe Bryant, Bynum threw in the following comment when asked if all the trade rumors bothered him when he was in L.A.

“It didn’t really matter where I played as long as I get to,” he told Kevin Ding of the OC Register. “Health is the big concern with me right now. I don’t regret anything. Personally, I think they traded No. 1 for No. 2 — and that’s what happened.”

Bynum is certainly right about health being the big concern at the moment — especially if he continues to bowl in his free time. As for who is a better player, Howard has been more consistent throughout his career both offensively and defensively. Bynum has all the talent in the world when healthy, but there are always questions about his attitude. That being said, he does have two NBA championship rings. Until Howard wins one, Bynum will always have that over him.