Andrew Ference erases his playoff beard, coughs away his mustache (Video)

Andrew-Ference-erases-playoff-beardThose of us sports fans who dread the months of July and August were sad to see the Stanley Cup Finals end on Monday night without giving us one last game to look forward to. The wives and girlfriends of the players, however, were probably singing a different tune. The end of the playoffs means the end of the beards.

On Tuesday, Boston Bruins defenseman Andrew Ference showed us the magic of Vine when he magically erased his playoff beard and coughed away his mustache. The short clip was a perfect example of why I’m such an ideal candidate to attend magic shows, because I literally have no idea how he did it.

The healing process won’t be easy for the Bruins after they blew a 2-1 lead with less than two minutes remaining, but losing the playoff facial hair is the right place to start. Ference simply went above and beyond.

PS: LB grew this legendary playoff beard two years ago when the Bruins won the Stanley Cup. Do you think it’s a coincidence they fell short this year? Me neither.

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Steve Downie Kisses Andrew Ference (Video)

When the Tampa Bay Lightning lost Game 5 to the Bruins and allowed Boston to take a 3-2 Eastern Conference Finals lead, Steve Downie sat on the bench by himself for a few minutes after the game.  Perhaps he was still baffled by the goal Tim Thomas robbed him of.  Maybe he was just pissed his team was pushed to the brink of elimination.  He also could have been trying to create montage-type material for a future highlight reel.  Whatever the case, Downie seemed to be in better spirits during the Lightning’s Game 6 win in Tampa Wednesday night.  Check out the video of Steve Downie kissing Andrew Ference, courtesy of Puck Daddy:

Ference is no angel (see: flipping off Candiens fans), but he should have skated away.  No one likes to back down and look like a pansy, but when the opponent is trying to plant one on you the rules change a bit.  Meanwhile, Downie has now successfully managed to look like a tool at the end of two straight games.

Bruins Player Andrew Ference Flips Canadiens Fans the Bird (Video)

In case you didn’t know how intense the rivalry was between the Bruins and Canadiens, that video should tell you. Boston Bruins defenseman Andrew Ference scored in the second period to make it 3-2 Montreal and had a nice message for the Canadiens fans. In case the video gets pulled, here’s a picture of Ference flipping the bird to Montreal fans.

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