Andy Murray needles Tom Rinaldi for not wearing a tie (Video)

andy murray tom rinaldiAndy Murray was in such a good mood after wiping out Jeremy Chardy 6-4, 6-1, 6-2 in the quarterfinals of the Australian Open Friday that he teased an interviewer for dressing casually.

Murray was doing his interviews following the match and spoke with ESPN’s Tom Rinaldi for a few minutes. The tone of the interview was serious, but that all changed after Rinaldi was done with his questions, leaving it open for Murray.

The Scotsman proceeded to needle Rinaldi for not wearing a tie and having his top button open. Murray even compared Rinaldi to Darren “Killer” Cahill, who he says was wearing a tie for their last interview.

The comments were odd coming from Murray, who isn’t exactly a fashion icon, but we appreciate him showing some personality.

Between his moment with Tim Tebow at the Sugar Bowl and this, it’s been a busy week of headlines for Rinaldi.

Emotional Andy Murray dedicates win to cancer-stricken friend (Video)

andy murrayAndy Murray beat Grigor Dimitrov 7-6, 6-4 to win the Brisbane International for the second straight year, and he dedicated the victory Sunday to a close friend who recently was diagnosed with cancer.

Murray dedicated his win to tennis player and friend Ross Hutchins, who recently revealed that he was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.

“I’d like to dedicate this victory to one of my best friends back home,” Murray said as he accepted his trophy. “You’re going to be OK. You’re going to get through.”

Hutchins recently made his revelation public. He tweeted two messages about the diagnosis Sunday.

In addition to mentioning Hutchins in his acceptance speech, Murray scribbled on a nearby TV camera after his win, “For you, Rosco.”

Murray and Hutchins are close friends on tour, Davis Cup teammates, and have even played together as doubles partners. Hutchins is ranked No. 28 in the world in doubles. Murray will have some extra motivation when he plays in the Australian Open next week.

Andy Murray wants harsher drug testing in tennis

Andy Murray has not always been a fan of the drug testing process in tennis, but now he wants harsher testing in the sport to get rid of those who are cheating.

Murray, who won the US Open and the gold medal in men’s singles at the Olympics, was blood tested when he arrived in Paris ahead of the BNP Paribas Masters, prompting his comments.

“They came to the hotel on Saturday and it was completely random,” Murray said, per The Herald in Scotland. “I think that’s good. We’re not used to doing that many blood tests in tennis – I’ve probably had four or five blood tests this year – so it’s something that’s obviously necessary.”

Though Murray doesn’t think tennis has the reputation or problems of cycling, the fallout involving Lance Armstrong has him concerned about achieving a level playing field for all players.

“I’ve probably had four or five blood tests this year, but a lot more urine, so it’s obviously completely necessary when you hear things like about Armstrong. It’s a shame for their sport but how they managed to get away with it was incredible, for so long,” Murray said, via the Daily Mail.

“The one thing I would say with a sport like cycling is it’s purely physical, there’s very little skill involved in the Tour de France. It is the power, how many watts you’re producing, whereas with tennis you can’t learn the skill by taking a drug.

“I think tennis at the top level has been pretty clean compared to most sports. But that isn’t to say more can’t be done to make 100 percent sure there are no issues.”

Murray noted that the top players are tested more frequently than the lower-ranked ones, which is something he knows from personal experience.

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Andy Murray finally wins the big one

Andy Murray finally broke through to win his first career major on Monday night, defeating Novak Djokovic in five sets at the US Open 7-6, 7-5, 2-6, 3-6, 6-2.

After losing the first four major finals he reached, Murray looked like he was headed for a different outcome this tournament. He topped Djokovic in the first-set tiebreaker, and then took the second set. But then the old Andy emerged and he got wiped in the next two sets to bring about a fifth set.

Murray was undaunted in the final set, breaking Djokovic twice go up 3-0, and again to go up 5-2 before serving out the match. Even when Djokovic broke back and appeared set to even the match, Murray didn’t bend and held serve to remain in the lead. The two had some epic points, including a rally that lasted 30 strokes. Both men wanted it so badly they refused to concede points. The struggled prompted Djokovic to say after the tournament that Murray deserved the title.

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Andy Murray’s dogs wear his medals (Picture)

Andy Murray had a major breakthrough when he beat Roger Federer in the men’s singles finals at the London Olympics to win his first title in a major competition. Murray had been to four grand slam finals and lost all of them, including a defeat to Federer at Wimbledon last month, before capturing the gold medal. This was the sort of breakthrough Murray was hinting at when he compared himself to LeBron James. It was especially satisfying because it won a gold medal for Great Britain the year the country hosted the Games (Murray is technically a Scotsman). But he wasn’t the only one to reap the rewards of the win.

As seen in the picture above, Murray’s dogs Maggie May and Rusty got to wear the medals their owner won at the London Games. Maggie May has the gold Murray won in men’s singles, and she “taunted” Rusty for wearing the silver Murray won in mixed doubles.

“Here we go folks… Just checking to make sure Rusty definitely has the silver, obviously,” the tweet said.

Murray’s dogs have their own Twitter account and over 12,000 followers. We presume that they tweet using their paws, but rumor has it that Maggie May does most of the tweeting since Rusty is more of a Facebook fan.

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Jo-Wilfried Tsonga hit in manly region by Andy Murray (Video)

Jo-Wilfried Tsonga had to fight through some serious pain during his semifinal match against Andy Murray at Wimbledon on Friday after being hit in about the worst place possible for a man.

Tsonga was serving up 5-3 in the third set after being down two sets to none when he got drilled in the manly region. The Frenchman had hit a drop volley and Murray came in for the passing shot, but the only thing the ball passed through was Tsonga’s groin.

Jo-Wilfried went down immediately in pain and needed to take a knee, only this time it wasn’t in celebration. After taking about a minute to recover, Tsonga resumed his serve and won the set 6-3 to continue the match.

At least Tsonga didn’t pull a Tomas Berdych after the match.

Thanks to LBS contributor A. Liu for the tip

Andy Murray compares himself to LeBron James for not winning big one

Andy Murray is one of the top tennis players in the world, but he hasn’t won a grand slam title. He’s been ranked as high as No. 2 in the world, currently ranked No. 4, and he’s won 22 tournaments. The Scotsman reached the semifinals of Wimbledon for the fourth straight year, and he’s hoping to advance to the final and win his first major.

After beating David Ferrer on Wednesday, Murray was asked about his inability to win a grand slam event. He was asked if there was anyone to whom his career compares.

“LeBron James would be a good example,” said Murray, according to Reuters. “He obviously is a great basketball player. He came very close to winning quite a lot of times. Him winning this year I’m sure was massive. For me as a basketball fan it was nice to see.

“I would say for me I guess it’s a similar situation. I’ve been close a lot of times and not quite made it.

In case you weren’t already convinced, Murray confirmed that he is a big NBA fan.

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