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Monday, November 30, 2015

Articles tagged: Andy Roddick

Video: Andy Roddick Flips Out on U.S. Open Officials Over Wet Court

Andy Roddick may be the top American male tennis player in the country but that doesn’t mean he’s beloved. He frequently acts like a spoiled baby on the court and that turns off a lot of fans. Witness this video of Roddick freaking out on a U.S. Open official because the court’s playing surface was…Read More

Video: Andy Roddick Sits in Opponent’s Chair During Side Change

Andy Roddick beat Julien Benneteau in the third round of the U.S. Open Sunday. He must have truly been in the zone because he sat in his opponent’s chair during a side change without even realizing it. Roddick was so embarrassed by the gaffe that he dropped a faint S-bomb upon realizing it: You know…Read More

Andy Roddick Gets Penalty Point for Smacking Ball into the Stands (Video)

Andy Roddick had some serious problems during his first-round match at the Western and Southern Open Monday night.  During his second set against Phillip Kohlschreiber, Roddick went John McEnroe and broke his racquet in frustration.  His frustration built even more when he double faulted in the deciding set, and his actions resulted in a penalty…Read More

Andy Roddick Freaks Out After Foot Fault

A freak out over a foot fault? Hmm, where have we seen that before. It seems like a common thing in tennis: things aren’t going well for a player so he or she starts taking it out on the judges. Yeah, like that’s really going to help keep you from double faulting on your serve…Read More

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