Andy Roddick is on His Third Wedding Ring Because He Loses Them

The more I think about it, the more I am convinced that Andy Roddick is the luckiest man on the face of the planet.  The guy obviously has millions of dollars and his wife is one of the hottest women on Earth.  Yes I realize the two usually go hand in hand, but Brooklyn Decker has plenty of her own money so there’s no reason she needs to be with a guy who throws hissy fits and whines like a girl.

Roddick says he doesn’t mind when horndogs drool over his wife and why should he?  The dude is allowed to replace his wedding rings if he loses them.  What woman would put up with that? Check out this clip that Busted Racquet passed along:

Hehehe. My husband loses his wedding rings and bought a backup one from the get go because he knew he wouldn’t be careful enough with it.  She clearly isn’t phased by this at all.  I need to get me one of those.

Andy Roddick Stuffs Towels in His Butt for Serena Williams Impression (Video)

Andy Roddick played an exhibition tennis match against Mardy Fish Sunday in Oklahoma City. Roddick apparently spent most of the time joking around to entertain the crowd. At one point, he broke out several impressions in a row. Watch Roddick go from Pete Sampras, to Maria Sharapova, to Rafael Nadal, and eventually Serena Williams. The Serena was the best:

Novak Djokovic’s Nadal and Sharapova impressions are better, but it’s hard to beat a guy who stuffs towels in his butt. I mean that’s pretty much what you have to do to come close to matching Serena’s behind in size, right?

Fist pound to Tennis-X for the video

Video: Andy Roddick Flips Out on U.S. Open Officials Over Wet Court

Andy Roddick may be the top American male tennis player in the country but that doesn’t mean he’s beloved. He frequently acts like a spoiled baby on the court and that turns off a lot of fans. Witness this video of Roddick freaking out on a U.S. Open official because the court’s playing surface was not to his liking:

His behavior in that video is inexcusable. He’s not the only player upset over the way the weather has altered things at the U.S. Open, but that’s no excuse to act downright disrespectful. He needs to keep in mind he’s talking to actual people there. People who have jobs, who have feelings, and who have to make difficult decisions.

I was just coming around to like Roddick after hearing how well he came off on Jimmy Traina’s podcast last month, but then he goes off and ruins it with antics like this. Between this video, the foot fault freak out last year, and the ball-hitting incident of a few weeks ago, it’s pretty clear that Roddick has a lot of maturing left to do.

Video Credit: MrIcefroggyfrog

Video: Andy Roddick Sits in Opponent’s Chair During Side Change

Andy Roddick beat Julien Benneteau in the third round of the U.S. Open Sunday. He must have truly been in the zone because he sat in his opponent’s chair during a side change without even realizing it. Roddick was so embarrassed by the gaffe that he dropped a faint S-bomb upon realizing it:

You know what the strange thing was? That was in the middle of the third set. Guess he’s getting a little absentminded — not to mention ornery — in his old age.

Thanks to On the Go Tennis and Beyond the Baseline for the video

Andy Roddick Gets Penalty Point for Smacking Ball into the Stands (Video)

Andy Roddick had some serious problems during his first-round match at the Western and Southern Open Monday night.  During his second set against Phillip Kohlschreiber, Roddick went John McEnroe and broke his racquet in frustration.  His frustration built even more when he double faulted in the deciding set, and his actions resulted in a penalty point that cost him the game.  Check out the video of Andy Roddick smashing a ball into the stands, courtesy of Busted Racquet:

Listening to Andy plead his case is definitely the best part of the video. Umpire Carlos Bernardes made the call he had to make and Roddick knew it, but he had to say something. Even the “whoaaa” from the crowd is enough to know he shouldn’t have done it.  That’s not the first time we’ve seen him blow up on an official, so it isn’t really surprising.  However, I bet when you get to go home to this at the end of the day you can quickly forget any frustrations you might have encountered during your petty tennis match.

Andy Roddick Doesn’t Mind Horndogs Slobbering Over Wife Brooklyn Decker

Tennis player Andy Roddick has been married to model/actress Brooklyn Decker for over two years. Being married to a covergirl is a dream for many men, but it can also be somewhat uncomfortable. Would you have issues with dudes around the world slobbering over your wife? That wouldn’t be cool with me, but it’s not a problem for Roddick.

Speaking on Jimmy Traina’s Hot Clicks podcast, Roddick was asked if he had any problems with his wife being the object of men’s desire. Roddick gave a logical response.

“If I make the choice to date a swimsuit model, and then I complain about [men looking at her] after the fact, I feel like that’s a little ridiculous,” he reasoned. “You kind of know what you’re getting yourself into. I don’t mind it at all. I’m comfortable in the public eye — I’ve been there for a while myself.

“I’m just happy for her. She’s doing what she loves, she’s kind of gaining a certain amount of success from it right now. She’s kicking butt.”

Roddick came across like an engaging personality during the interview. He says he’d like to get into sports radio after his tennis career, and he proved he is an all-around sports fan. Most importantly, Roddick comes across as a genuine person who is very intelligent. He understands how the media works and his honesty can make him the type of voice people will want to hear. I just don’t understand how he can get along knowing that most men in America are dying for a piece of his wife. That would be difficult for me to digest.

Andy Roddick Diving Shot Video – Best Shot of His Career Beats Milos Raonic

Andy Roddick hit the shot of the year in Memphis Sunday to beat Milos Raonic in the finals of the Regions Morgan Keegan Championships. In an offensive struggle where service breaks were more rare than a cut of French meat, Roddick laid out on championship point to bring home his first title of 2011 and 30th of his career. Check out this incredible video of Andy Roddick’s diving shot to win the match:

Was that Andy Roddick on a hard court or Mike Cameron diving in the outfield grass for a web gem? We knew the guy was athletic but who knew he had that in him? That shot was all heart right there, and Roddick had the scrapes on his knee and elbow to prove it. Simply spectacular.

Another fun aspect of the shot was that Raonic instantly recognized the historical significance of the shot. During his runner-up speech he said “I think I might be on one of the YouTube’s most-viewed points. I’ll be on the wrong end of the court, but my name will at least be in the description.” Perfectly stated. Easily one of the best shots diving shots this side of Boris Becker at Wimbledon we’ve seen. It was also nice to see an awesome tennis shot that didn’t involve someone going between their legs.