Why Scripting Play-by-Play Is Bad, by Yankees Announcer John Sterling

When I first started getting exposed to announcers for different teams via satellite radio and mlb.com I actually liked Yankees radio voice John Sterling. I thought his catch phrases were clever and that his shtick set him apart. But the more I heard him the more I realized that his obsession with signature calls detracted from his ability to give a good play-by-play account of the game. Witness his call from Tuesday night on a Hideki Matsui home run:

That’s where the call of the game is becoming more about the announcer than the action and that’s a problem. I like when people let words come to them naturally in an unscripted manor so that the emotion of the exact moment can properly be described as it feels, not as how it should be felt. But anyway, keep up the good work, Johnny. And maybe stay away from the pressbox spread too.

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Hawks Announcer Makes Fun of Dwyane Wade, Goes Berserk on Miami Heat

Things got pretty bumpy in Atlanta Wednesday night. First, Dwyane Wade got caught up in someone’s leg and fell, banging his head against the floor. Later Wade went up for a layup and got fouled by Solomon Jones and a skirmish ensued, resulting in double-technicals. On the next play, Wade fouled Maurice Evans on a fastbreak and got hit with a flagrant one foul. As if that wasn’t enough, later in the second quarter, Al Horford came down after a hard foul and twisted his ankle. All three moments are encapsulated in an incredible way by Hawks radio announcer, Steve Holman, on the Hawks flagship station, 790 the Zone. The dude literally goes berserk on-air, bashing the “untouchable” Dwyane Wade in the process. Believe me, it’s hilarious.

Some of the classic lines:

“You can’t foul me when I go to the basket, I’m Dwyane Wade. I do commercials.”

“Look, I’m Dwyane Wade, you can’t call that!”

“Oh my goodness, the Heat have resorted to thuggery!”

I do believe that the term “homer” would be appropriate here. Even if Wade gets preferable treatment from the refs, the foul on Mo Evans wasn’t anywhere near as bad as Holman describes it. He wasn’t trying to hurt Evans, and yes, Wade was going for the ball. You can see a few of the highlights here to judge for yourself.

YES Network Letting Announcers Criticize the Yankees

When you’re running out a pitching staff that includes the likes of Darrell Rasner and Sidney Ponson, you can’t be very good. To be fair, with all the injuries the Yankees have had, they’ve become a shadow of what they have been every other year they’ve made the playoffs. Wang, Hughes, Joba, A-Rod, Posada, Damon, and Matsui have all spent time on the D.L. this year — that’s one heck of an All-Star team right there. Anyway, I’m assuming the 12-1 loss to the Angels on Monday sparked some negativity that emanated from the Yankees TV booth — the YES Network booth — a network owned by the team.

“At some point, somebody has to be held accountable,” [broadcaster Michael] Kay said during a lopsided loss to the Angels, blasting the team for its “glass jaw.”

Ken Singleton and John Flaherty jumped in, leading to a substantive analysis of the Yankees abandoning their trademark patience at the plate.

Kay’s boss, president of production John Filippelli, declined to discuss how YES will handle this lost cause [of a season]. But Kay said Filippelli told him after Monday’s rant, “I agreed with what you said, and you have every right to say it.”

I’m not sure how the Yankees fans are taking things with their team on the outside this year, but guessing by standard New York procedure, they’re probably dishing out a lot of criticism. What’s wrong with it coming from the broadcast booth? I think it’s more important to be credible than to be a blind homer. It’s also nice to hear that the Yankees aren’t power tripping over this, either. After all, we know they have their sight’s set on next year anyway.

Announcer Roger Rasheed Likes Venus Williams’ Ass

Just last week we had a Golf Channel announcer make an off color remark about Tiger Woods — and that’s putting it mildly. Maybe I’m talking to myself here when I say that announcers need to watch what they say on-air. Remember a while back we had the story of the women’s basketball announcer who thought one of the coaches was hot but didn’t realize his microphone was live when he said it? Yeah, that was bad. Well Roger Rasheed is following in everyone’s footsteps. Check out what happened with him:

Roger Rasheed, a former coach of Lleyton Hewitt, commented on Williams bottom during a slow motion replay of her match against China’s Yan Zi at the Australian Open.

“Take a look at this now. Make or think as you will, ladies, but for me, that’s a pretty good sight,” The Daily Telegraph quoted him, as telling co-commentators Tracy Austin and Nicole Bradtke.

And while the two women found it funny, viewers certainly didnt and broadcaster Channel Seven was inundated with calls.

Though admitting that there had been a number of calls, the broadcaster maintained that there would be no action taken against Rasheed for his comments.

Now, I wonder what Venus’ alleged fiance would have to say about all this? Probably would just take it as a compliment — after all, it’s Serena who’s quite bootylicious.

UPDATE: video below, via Awful Announcing and FanIQ

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