Anthony Perosh knocks out Vinny Magalhaes in 14 seconds

Anthony Perosh knockoutAnthony Perosh was not expected to beat Vinny Magalhaes at UFC 163 in Rio de Janeiro on Saturday, but he walked out with the $50,000 Knockout of the Night bonus after winning in 14 seconds. Perosh caught Magalhaes with a right hand to the jaw and pushed his off-balance opponent to the ground. From there, Perosh proceeded to pound away at Magalhaes until the fight was stopped a few seconds later because Magalhaes was unable to defend himself.

Perosh was credited with a 14-second knockout, which is the third-fastest in UFC light heavyweight history, per Bloody Elbow. This is a nice way for Perosh to get back on the pages of LBS especially after the disgusting way he made it last time.

Below is another look at the knockout:

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Fighter Anthony Perosh suffered one of the nastiest broken toes ever (Picture)

Australian fighter Anthony Perosh was scheduled to fight on the preliminary card for UFC on FX 6 in December, but that’s no longer happening. You see, poor Anthony got the big toe on his left foot stuck in between two mats while attempting a takedown during training recently, and he suffered a nasty broken toe. And when we say broken toe, we don’t mean one of those wimpy fractures where a piece of the bone chipped off. Oh no. We mean that his toe was partially severed like it was hacked off with a pair of gardening shears.

Australian reporter Adam Ireland says that Perosh had surgery a few days ago.

The uncensored version of the photo is below. If you don’t like disgusting injuries, don’t look below.

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