Antonio Garay Rolls in a Hello Kitty Smart Car (Pictures)

Chargers defensive tackle Antonio Garay has some balls and he’s not afraid to express who he is. The dude wears his personality in his hair, and apparently on the street. How many other 6’4″ 320 lb. men do you know who roll around town in a Hello Kitty Smart Car?

Anyone who would drive a Hello Kitty Smart Car with confidence would also have to have a sense of humor. Clearly Garay does — he told someone on Twitter “I was told the smart car is slimming on me.” It sure is.

He also wants the VIP treatment when he drives the car. So much so, that he says he valet parks it.

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Darnell Dockett, Antonio Garay Get Patriotic 9/11 Haircuts (Pictures)

Teams and players were all about commemorating the 10th anniversary of 9/11 on the first Sunday of the NFL season. We had players like Lance Briggs wear 9/11 tribute shoes. Then we had guys like Darnell Dockett and Antonio Garay who wore their American pride in their hair. Dockett shaved the American flag into his head — stars on one side, stripes on the other (click each picture twice to enlarge):

Chargers defensive tackle Antonio Garay, who is known for putting crazy designs in his hair, may have one-upped Dockett with an outline of the New York skyline.

The color was out of Garay’s hair for the game, but it still was pretty slick. So what do you think, who had the better ‘do? I’ll give the nod to Dockett since his hair was a little cleaner.

And it sure looks like Tracy Porter has some competition for the most creative hair in the NFL.

Picture Credits: Darnell Dockett Twitter, Doug Wells Twitter

Thanks to Patrick Crawley for the tip on Darnell Dockett