MLB All-Star Game Snubs: National League

The fans really nailed the NL starters for the All-Star Game. I only had one complaint with the fan vote, so they must be commended for getting it right. All my other complaints are really nit-picking because the NL All-Star team was well selected. Manager Bruce Bochy was too much of a homer and included a few too many Giants pitchers, so that’s the only other issue I really have. Here are the NL All-Star team snubs (written as the player who should have made it over the one who did):

Aramis Ramirez over Placido Polanco, Chipper Jones at 3B

Fans got all the starters right except for Placido Polanco at third base. There was no real standout at the position this year but Ramirez is having the best year of all NL third basemen. He should have been the starter over Polanco and the backup over Chipper Jones. It should have gone Aramis and then either Chipper or Chase Headley as the backup.

Andrew McCutchen over Jay Bruce in OF

McCutchen misses out on his second straight All-Star game in favor of a Pirates reliever. He deserved to go last year over Evan Meek and deserves to go this year. Bruce had a major power surge in May that captured everyone’s attention but h’s cooled off since then. McCutchen, with his 12 home runs and 15 stolen bases, has been the better overall player.

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Carlos Silva and Aramis Ramirez Have Spring Training Dugout Fight

It may be spring training, but the Chicago Cubs are already acting like a team that’s in a bad place in mid-August. By that, I mean they are already fighting one another in the dugout. According to Foul Balls via Chicago Breaking Sports, Carlos Silva got roughed up by the Brewers on Wednesday afternoon, giving up six runs in the first inning.  The three errors Silva’s defense committed behind him were no help, and the pitcher let his teammates hear about it when the frame ended.

CBS Sports’ Danny Knobler informed us that the player Silva got into it with was Aramis Ramirez, who committed two of the Cubs three first-inning errors.  Ramirez later told reporters, “I’ve never had that problem (fighting teammates) anywhere, even in Little League.”  Paul Sullivan of the Chicago Tribune later added that Silva left the field without talking to reporters and still refused to comment later in the game.

Perhaps Chicago was exhibiting a lack of focus as a team, but it is early March.  Does Silva really need to be getting that fired up?  The Cubs haven’t won a World Series in over 100 years and they have a pitching staff that features hot heads Silva, Matt Garza, and Carlos Zambrano.  If things aren’t going the way everyone planned by the All-Star break, we could be in for plenty more posts about dugout scuffles in Chicago.

Aramis Ramirez expects Playoff Run for Cubs

As the Chicago Cubs began to file in for Spring Training, it wasn't Carlos Zambrano and his newly inked 1 year deal that was the news of the day. Oh no.

When I first heard this statement come out of Aramis Ramirez's mouth, I thought I was hearing George Steinbrenner talk (with the exception of the accent and all).

Here it is for you — a nice sound bite to remember and store for when the playoffs come around.

Quote of the day from Aramis Ramirez:

"Everybody's looking for us to make the playoffs and anything short of that is going to be a disappointing season."

Check back for my Cubs preview to see where I stack them up.

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