Cheap shot artist Austin O’Such suspended for season

Remember Austin O’Such? He’s the freshman outfielder for Yavapai College in Arizona who trucked a Scottsdale Community College runner who was standing on second base during a game on March 29.

We told you over the weekend that O’Such was suspended by Yavapai College immediately after the incident and remained suspended as of the weekend. The Yavapai College Athletics Department, along with the Arizona Community College Athletics Association, decided to suspended O’Such for the remainder of the season as the incident received more publicity.

“The YC player involved was immediately suspended by the college and will be suspended from play for the remainder of the season. The college has implemented this action and will continue to work with the Arizona Community College Athletic Conference (ACCAC) on current and future sanctions following conference procedures,” the school’s athletic department said in a statement.

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Scottsdale CC baseball player receives cheap shot from Yavapai thug (Video)

Scottsdale Community College came back from a 6-0 deficit to beat Yavapai College 10-8 in their baseball game last Thursday. But the score and action in the game isn’t what’s receiving the attention — the unbelievable cheap shot by Yavapai left fielder Austin O’Such is. Keep your eye on second base around the :20 mark:

We have no idea what led to the fight and cheap shot, but it’s pretty obvious O’Such thought he was going to get away with ramming the runner at second. It should come as no surprise that O’Such, a freshman outfielder from Los Altos, Ca., played football in high school.

Yavapai College’s athletic director, Scott Farnsworth, confirmed to Larry Brown Sports that O’Such committed the cheap shot and was suspended immediately. He issued the following statement to LBS about the incident:

“Yavapai college and our Athletic dept. support and encourage good sportsmanship and fair play, we do not condone the actions of our LF displayed in the video. Austin O’Such was immediately suspended and continues to be as we work through this most uncharacteristic incident.”

UPDATE: O’Such has been suspended for the season.

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